#NoFilter : My Perfect Selfie

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 18:48 -- Ayjah.G


Dull and slightly blurry, due to a normal quality camera;

But so much clarity.

Hair in a blonde and brown afro;

Every stray hair placed perfectly by God’s hands.

Scars from blemishes marked firm on my soft, left cheek.

No peace sign held to cover my golden painted skin.

The beauty of my small eyes;

Not being unperfected by a thick, black line crossing my eye-lid,

 accompanied by a fancy wing.

No flashy jewelry or clothing put on for show,

But a neutral top complimenting my purity.

A straight on head shot because that is the best angle.

No lip pucker, duck face, or sexually raised brow.


A beautiful, non-forced smile showing my flawed teeth.

My perfect selfie.

My perfect caption?   

“The real me.”

I don’t need a million filters, makeup, or a well thought out strategy.

All I need is my natural self because that is true beauty.

You can’t see how compassionate, determined, or strong spirited I am,

          but you see honesty.

You see a young African American woman who loves herself.

You see power.

So, who am I without all of these things?

I am me,

And that’s the way I want to be seen.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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