A Doves Filter: No Filter


Without filters 

I can fly

While filtered, I was caged up like a dove ...

In Noah's Ark

Through the filter ...

No one could see me waiting

I was going crazy

My anticipation always waiting 

Through the filter, I took to painting ...

Painting the roses green and their thorns red

I painted like a phantom in mid-December 

Traveling fast from myself with doe eyed eyes 

like delicate China hitting a concrete constitutional war

Through the Filter ....

One night, " I had a dream"

That I was King

That I wasn't crazy

That God made this little dove divine 

Through the filter ....

I watched a corrupt nation run blind and give kisses through lenses and Apples eyes...

Through the filter , I learned to dream 

I sat waiting, and dreaming of the liquid, where I'd rise like twin towers.

Or an Iron forged from the fire

No Filter ! 

I've got things to say

You're a liar 

Your sharp tongued words and cutlery prod me but I will not be devoured

Unlike Andy Warhol I am fighting the filter 

Because true Art is expression 

No Filter, can ever depict a true expression of me

I am young, brave, and confident

All of this I speak and write with ............










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