Makin it




Five minutes turned into an hour

I gave up on that make up

I let my hair loose and wild

Just to wake up at seven


I stopped with the camera filters

Tired of pretendin.

I hate eye shadow, I love pencil eyeliners

I’m not a know it all

What the use of being a doll?


I’m just a punk kid

Lover of Iron Maiden

Wearin those same ol’ converse

Always talkin bout makin it


If you thought otherwise, you trippin’

I’m carefree, I know how to dance

I’m one with nature

Bad puns always by yours truly


I’m a little jaded, but still ambitious

I know right from wrong

I just learned to relax

Stop askin me so many questions


This is who I am

The kid sittin in the back

Drawing castles in the clouds

Plannin on makin it

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