An Imaginative Creation


United States
35° 15' 20.556" N, 78° 57' 5.2236" W
What is wrong with a world
Where the sky is green 
and the grass is blue?
Where up becomes down
And left turns right
And the sun starts to rise
First thing in the night?
Why can't people fly,
And chickens dance,
And all the little critters wear pants?
What's wrong with a place
Made with a creative imagination?
Or an imaginative creation
That makes everything new?
You could have superpowers 
For even an hour
Heck, why not the whole day?
And those who lied, 
Would be justified 
By the power of the truth we say.
See, I'd like to create a creature
That could change its physical features
To look like watches, gems, or diamond rings,
Or any other shiny thing.
What's wrong with a world like that?
What is so dangerous about imagination?
Why do we frown upon its sight?
Am I crazy or is it true
Does the world reject the new
When upside down becomes upright?
I suppose the question now arises,
After all of these surprises,
As to the point I'm trying to make.
When this world is full of gloom
And we see ourselves as doomed
And our happiness is fake.
This is when we should look
Away from a screen and to a book
To find real happiness a piece of cake.
Let's explore the worlds within our minds
And perhaps we just might find 
A reason to live on.
For when the grass is too green 
and the sky is too blue
And you think your dreams
 will never come true,
And your hope is gone,
Fly away to a secret place,
Look in the mirror and make a face,
So you can greet with a smile each new dawn.
This is the power of a creative imagination,
Building a world, an imaginative creation.


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