Fiction is Reality


Adults always speak

We shouldn’t read fantasy

Doesn’t prepare you

For reality, one bit


Answer this for me

How have I learned more

About life’s purpose

From people who don’t exist

Than from school lessons

The proof surrounds all of us


Harry Potter showed me

Love and friendship can conquer

Evil any day


Katniss Everdeen proved

That you should never

Give up on the ones you love


Percy Jackson taught us all

There’s a hero in everyone


Artemis Fowl revealed

The beauty in intelligence

And magic also

Lives underneath all of us


Steve Rogers taught us

Always be compassionate

And stand up for others


Tris Prior taught us to be

Always courteous

Always self-sacrificing

Never ignorant

Never untrustworthy

Always courageous


Thus, I believe

Those who never existed

Have taught us more than

People who have tried to teach us

Fantasy isn’t fiction but fact

This poem is about: 
Our world


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