Blur Her Eyes

A voice that leaves only a soft whisper in the clearing

a piece of sand drowning below the waves

one invisible among the crowd

a single glance of attention spared, given out, and weighed

a simple face that is muted amongst the perfect smiles


a blank canvas is the face of her nature

bland, boring, and banal

an exposed film burnt in the sun

with a tint of shadow to hide her face

a blur to hide her eyes

her body advertised

her identity no longer important

a spot light appears on her curves and she is overjoyed

embracing the feeling of being noticed

and within seconds the light goes out again

some other girl is more revealing

more exposed

more naked

flickering the spotlight dances

adding glow to the exposed bodies

eager do they wait for attention

and eagerly does the light wait to give it to them

and then the darkness will come again

bringing back the shame of imperfection

bringing back the doubts of beauty

and bringing back the depression that rejection can bring


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Our world
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