Wed, 12/31/2014 - 01:57 -- navyak

i believe in the magical qualities of snow,
the healing powers of my mother’s cooking,
the emotional aftershock of a good book,
midnight rants about the world,
my sisters, who are the two pillars without whom i could not stand.


but those who pick and choose their friends
based on color, race, gender, size, and popularity
disrupt the harmony I pray for every day.


i believe in equality for men AND women,
i believe in appreciating the little things,
i believe in loving yourself exactly the way you were made, giving people second chances despite what they’ve done, making the choice for happiness, realizing it’s dangerous and jumping anyway, hoping that the 1% chance you will not fail will work in your favor.


and i believe in having faith—
having faith that your life will turn out fine, that trusting the path you are following does not mean you are impractical but that you believe in happy endings, that the little dents on the road are made to remind you that perfections can never exist, that life can be beautiful, wonderful, and magical when you smile.





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