I found out that

life alone is filtered.

We have our press

or our pictures 

flashed on every source of media.

It isn't until

the sun is gone, 

tears find your cheeks, &

your eyes are swollen shut

that you truly see

everything for the way it is.

I was told once

"You will grow very disappointed if you continue to think the world has the same heart as you do"

but I'm as naive as they come

and I thought this world could be different.

I looked at the world through my tinted eyes.

I read the newspapers

and magazines 

only saying to myself

"things will change"

I looked at the sky 

which was bringing 

a new tomorrow

and smiled at myself

because change was occuring.

But as the sun faded,

the moon rised,

and I looked up at the sky

I realized

the sky is still the same 

only now its filtered by a new light.

People are often times the same

we just decide to look 

at them with a  new perspective.

Is it so naive to think 

the world is good

and the people can be better.

My eyes are blurry and sore

I can no longer tell anymore

if the world will change.



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