Individual Representation

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 20:04 -- sperico


I represent self awareness.


Truly understanding how I breathe, how I feel,

how I think, and how I live.


I represent particular patience.


The things and the people I admire, will have the

time spent on them extensively and precisely.


I represent selflessness.


More times than not, I will put someone else’s needs

before mine in a matter of seconds.


I represent consideration.


Double and even triple checking on those around me

is something that comes naturally, like the way the tides flow in and out.


I represent passion.


The devotion I give to the activities and hobbies I

adore is endless.


I represent honesty.


Not only to myself but to everyone I know, I try my

very hardest to be sincere.


I represent my true self.


Trying to hide behind altered layers of the media is

not something I avidly take part in.


I represent me.



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