Immovable Mask


If you've made a face it can stay that way

You should stop while you're still okay

Because if you leave it, it may just stay.


"If you make a face it will stay that way."

The old warning from younger days

That no one heeds or obeys.

I became what they all wanted of me,

I was molded to what they would have me be.

Now I wake up and my makeup won't remove

I try to pull away the mask but it's glued.

I open my mouth to speak,

But my words come out as a squeak.

I want to let my true self show

But strained smiles is all I know.

I try to relax my stature, tall and tense

But after it all I'm stuck like this.

I want my love to shine through my eyes,

But after all this time all mine does is hide.


"If you make a face it will stay that way."

What we all hear our mothers say,

That this world just doesn't obey.

They set the standard status bar

High and far above where you are

They tell you your skin is blotched and pale

So you try to cover it up to no avail.

In your mind are so many words,

But girls should be seen and never heard.

You feel like crying for such a long while,

But no one likes the girl who doesn't smile.

A lazy slouch never appeals,

So you always must wear high heels.

Your love is a weakness so hide it well

Never let anyone see your heart swell.


"If you make a face it will stay that way."

The repeated phrase that sounds cliche

In reality holds truth every day.

You find that as a doll filled with fluff

You really aren't worth that much.

Your face trained to hide and bluff

Now doesn't express enough.

Now you can't even speak aloud,

You have nothing of which to be proud.

Now even if great joy you do feel,

Your smile cannot seem as real.

You stand with pride to look all right

But now you just seem uptight.

Now every beat of love in your heart

Can't be released, tearing you apart.


I made a face and it stayed that way.

Now every day I must fight it away,

For when you make a face, it really stays.

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