I am



Perhaps it is by my pride that I am defined,

Sinful am I and yet not any less as peculiar or sinful as anyone.

I am sin.

Perhaps also; I am defined by my fidelity.

Compassion fills the very rims of my heart,

It is fidelity by which my affections are reined.

I am a lover.

To say I am unhealthy for my own good,

Is not as fictive as you may believe.

I am insalubrious to my own health.

I am disease.

Not to say that I am bathed in vulgarity,

With machinations up my sleeves.

I am; in ways; the cure to my own sickness.

I procure my own mental state and stability.

In myself I can confide.

I am ailment.

I am laughter in drab rooms,


A smile.

I am human

I am.


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