In The Mirror

Mon, 02/02/2015 - 14:17 -- LivMags


In the Mirror is a gratifying reflection,

a young girl seeking for attention.

An outsider wanting to be thin,

desperatly wanting to fit in.

someone that's been in a frown, constantly being let down.

Always feeling like a clown, a heart as big as her creativity,

her soul is as pure as gold,

her personality is bold.

Her heart is apart,

its tough like a rock,

but if someone breaks through it, its brakes as easily as a pop tart.

She stares at a clock,

trying to block,

the tears of depression burning through her beautiful brown mysterious eyes.

They love what they see,

but despise the feeling of kids not letting her be.

She looks in the mirror once more,

throws her books to the floor,

There's a rage in her eyes,

a spark that never flies,

she will survive,

she will get through,

she's losing weight,

doesn't  matter what date,

she will survive, she will be happy.

In the mirror is a gratifying reflection,

in the mirror is me.







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