Untitled Thoughts of You


Your mind is deteriorating right in front of my eyes

But the flesh still clings to your cheekbones

There are no men casting shadows upon you.

Be still, be calm, you are in a safe place.

When did you become so delusionsal as to not trust us?

Did I miss it somewhere along the way,

You slipping away from us, your conciousness

Becoming a thought puddle, melting, melting?

This fear that I have it cannot be healthy,

These thoughts that plague my still young mind.

I am no longer a child yet not fully adult.

The iceberg has split and is floating away,

Each chunk carries one of you with it.

With each passing day my bowels erode.

When will I be nothing but an empty shell

And an esophagus that leads nowhere?

My pillar is weak, a crumbling statue

Of marble. Unstable it dips me into the water

Leaving me forever drenched.

I try to refortify you but you chisel away the compound

With every reproach. Corrode me with your acidic semen,

Brain me with you wisdom bricks.

These thought are not mine but yours.


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