I am confident without filters,

And strong without contrast.

Unique without overlays,

And clever without stickers.

I do not need a filter.

Hudson may make me blue,

            But how does that reflect me?

            I am not blue.

I am not filtered.

            In fact I was taught to be without.

I say what I mean, and I follow my heart when its pace picks up.

Bu Dum.       Bu Dum.       Bu Dum.

There is no filter that can show how i think

            or feel.

Black and white doesn't reflect me when I'm sad,

And Toaster red doesn't show my burning fire.

You can lay any filter you want on me

            And I will not change.

I will still be strong no matter how blurry the iPhone 4 picture came out.

No border will restrain me from walking out of the frame.

My persona cannot be reflected by an app I use or filter I choose.

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