Loaded Guns of Beauty


Everyday I walk through the halls of red and white, watching unfamiliar faces of high school students pass by like a rock skipping across the water.

Many days I feel jealousy boil up inside of me. 

I see a beautiful girl, her eye liner lined perfectly along her eyelids, and her hair perfectly curled to the focus of her spine; A handful of guys surrounding her.

Comparing myself to this elegant girl; I am nothing.

Each morning I think to myself as though my makeup brushes are loaded guns of beauty, yet I'm no where near perfection as this girl possesses.

Without makeup I am like an unostentatious canvas; nothing unique to catch anyone's eye.

But I am H-U-M-A-N, and we are all the same. We shouldn't let makeup and pictures define who we really are.

In "selfies" everyone wonders if it's me.. It makes me realize that through their eyes, I am practically fake. I still have to stay me. I will not change for them to keep them guessing. I should NOT let the world change how I look.

The natural me is the real me and I am beautiful without loaded guns of beauty.

Maybe with them I am more "strong", but without them I am more real.

I am perfectly fine being me.



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