I am me


I am numb.

Just barely awake,

but awake enough to go through the motions.Desperately in search for someone to see past color and see the real beauty within.

I am anger,

drifting past in the empty halls. Pushing away the emptiness and fear I feel in my soul.

I am a star.

A star in the process, just on the road to success. A star shining brighter than the rest.

I am a heart.

A heart searching for love. So desperately in need to be recognized. But ..... Nothing!

I am a smile,

With large, striking, bright, teeth. A smile embarrassed by how big they are. But there's inner beauty that shines through them.

I am a short, frizzy haired freak. A model in my own way.

I am beautiful. 

And I don't care who knows.

I am tired eyes.

Big, delicate, almond brown eyes, full of water. Tearing up ready to cry. Crying from all these damn emotions. Tired of showing my best angle to impress a school full of fools.

I am a body.

A tiny body that is trying to coexist in this crazy, superficial world, which cares for no one.

I am a hand.

An extended hand reaching out to help those in need. Ready to rid the world of hatred or rage and create peace.

I am an ear.

An ear that listens to anyone ready to speak. Listening to gain knowledge and change the world.

I am a voice. 

A voice speaking to anyone ready to listen. Which is a vacant crowd! I'm the voice kept quiet to avoid attention.

I am a lung,

pushing air in and out allowing the body to live. Pushing oxygen through the blood stream allowing cells to receive what they need.

I am a brain.

A brain that needs to succeed. A brain that feeds on knowledge, but dwells on insecurity.

I am an artist.

An artist inspired to do things to make it out of this deep rut.

I am a toe.

A toe pointing in the opposite direction to avoid conflict. 

I am invisible.

A fly on a wall. Never noticed, the shadow hidden in the sun rise.

I am unwanted

by many. But that many consist of people who are not the one for me.

I am quiet.

Some say introverted. Soft spoken and shy most of the time. Minding my own. 

I am happiness.

An emotional state full of pleasant emotions.

I am human.

A sixteen year old human,

Full of: emotion,










Strong will,


And much more.

There's nothing anyone can do to change that because

I am me

and this is who I am within.











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