Perfection's Flaws






Let her hear it.

Tell her she was never pretty.

And those words before

Were all lies.

It’s so easy to say

She’s attractive

Without meaning it,

Just to get her to fall for you.

Take her self esteem and rise it

Only to shatter it


She wants to look beautiful,

But nothing seems to work.

Food doesn’t taste as good


Her face no sculpted enough,

Her figure not curvy enough,

Her grace not elegant enough.

She starves.

Let her conscience drop.

Finds a place

Where she can be told more lies.

That she’s drop dead gorgeous.

Her cheeks swallow in,

Bones stick out,

Skin fades yellow,

Nails shade a grisly purple.

Is that what you call beautiful?

She’s fading away,

Crying to meet expectations,

Wanting to conform.

Is that what you wanted?

A broken girl,

She screams yet

No one hears.

She’s shattering,

Breaking down into nothing,

Letting herself become consumed

In a fake world.

Is she perfect enough yet?

She falls to the ground,

Her body

Giving in,

Shuddering in at failure.

Is this



I don’t find this dazzling

At all.

All I see is

A girl who tried too hard to look like something

That is impossible.


That has never been done.

Perfection is impracticable

And so is this girl.

She was beautiful before,

But now…

She’s a broken mess.

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