fuck filters (fuck me too)


i'm an 18 year old kid from a smallass town
i'm up in the twin cities now tearin up that art school shit (nah)
and fuckin up on the daily
but that's just me you gotta put up or shut up

for real the reason i'm writing this shit 
not to show ya me without a filtered perspective
(though that's the true objective)
but i'm tryna get 1000 bucks
because a girl gotta eat

so hopefully this shit raw enough

on another note since this a platform and im not about to filter myself
(is that not the point?)
fuck my art and fuck money
(fuck capitalism too)
art should be cheap but we tryna eat

and another thing
there's no true unfiltered self so fuck this contest
consciously or nah we all filter shit out
lying to ourselves and to our friends

sometimes a filter necessary to stay alive
so i try to spit some true shit and do me
but sometimes it just ain't enough for me
be yourself but be better
fuck that
be yourself and you're good enough

unless you're a fuckin asshole in that case
don't be yourself
filter that shit yo

so thanks for listening
here's my shot at a grand
and a couple thoughts on filters
tried for that stream of consciousness shit to be real unfiltered
pretty fuckin jumbled but uh 
ya get the point





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Our world
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