If Art is to History, Let Our Media not be a Mystery


San Antonio, Texas
United States


I once gazed upon the numbers of a new acquaintance,

overbearing in nature and the ability to patronize was given.

I kept to my private domicile as I waited with patience,

but numbers for me were slowly stacking with inferiority still driven.


While I filtered in the earliest days with artistic and nostalgic intent,

those who practiced the scheme to this day did so superficially.

In reality their image can be fallible and their filter is something to repent,

therefore I keep my account's integrity and post of true events, fiscally.


I thus emplor this intangible credibility that will cause equilibrium in civility,

all with the intention to give the massive numbers meaning with regard to the world spectrum.

We shall create connections based on our endeavors with integrity,

create not narcissistic beacons but rather portraits in eventfulness with no need for referendum.


Eventful and insightful, let us be not fallacies of our own attraction,

rather let our media be untouched so that it depicts that we are lively with a mirrored action.

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