For Michael Brown


Just another black boy
That's the justification
The defensive statement
For the devaluing of his life
But Darren Wilson didn't mean to...
To murder
That's what it was
And don't you dare say differently
Devalued, dehumanized, demeaned
All the jokes about Ferguson
At the expense of Michael Brown
And every other black boy who has been killed
Don't you realize that their lives matter?
And they were murdered
The violence needs to end
"Why do you need to make everything about race all the time?"
Because that's the way YOU made it
That's the way WE made it because we are white
It IS about race
Don't you dare say white privilege doesn't exist
Not when we have those boys' blood on our hands
And Michael Brown's death goes unavenged
For Michael Brown
For the sake of every black person I know,
Every person whose voice is silenced
Their blood spilled because of their race
For every person who has ever had the word "n***er"
Screamed at them from a car
For those people
For Michael Brown,
The boy whose life is devalued because he was black
The boy whom white people STILL see as less than human
The violence needs to END


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My community
My country
Our world
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