I am an ocean


i was a large, vast ocean
i had so much life inside of me
and i took that life and created more life
my waves crashed all around
eventually, i fell in love with the sun
the sun fell in love with me
but soon the sun realized the miles
between us
the sun started to evaporate me
the sun drained most of my presents
the sun made me hate myself
"you are a puddle in the ground,
not a star to illuminate the universe"
my waves didnt crash as wildly 
as i had once remembered
my inside life was killing other life
until all of my existing life escaped
it fled from me and i didnt see where it went 
it started raining over me
first just days, then weeks
it was months and then even years
yet somehow i realized that 
i was still what i once was
my tectonic plates ruptered
and i gave birth to bigger waves than i could imagine
i invented new, better life within me
and i swallowed the suns pride 
ate it whole
i AM a large, vast ocean
"i am not a puddle in the ground, 
i make up more than 70% of the world"


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