No Filter Necessary


I'm not perfect, I know that.

But perfection is boring,

It's what makes us complacent.

There are no filters in life,

Life isn't a picture to share with friends to judge.


Without a filter, without sugar-coating details,

I try and I fail.

I'll falter at the first hurdles that life will throw at me. 

I'll stumble, brush it off, it doesn't need to matter.

I'll stand back up, proud, after failing,

Ignoring whats in front of me.


I miss these lessons,

The teachers of tolerance, the professors of patience

Are mad, send me to the office.

I know I ignore and mock these helpers.

I can't face this on my own, but won't let them in.


I censor, both others and myself, 

When the only way to learn is to express what is underneath 

These verbal and physical boundaries, these hindrances.

These filters are not me.

I am not a setting,

Not a filter to gloss over

and make something look nicer than it is.


In myself, 

There are no filters necessary.


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