You know that picture of a girl
Out in the cold
Her hair like fraying thread
Her lips slightly ajar
Her cheeks so colourless
They're almost translucent
Her breath screams innocence
As the window in front of her
Slowly becomes blurry
With the thought of taking revenge
Upon the poor girl?

You know that picture of a girl
So lost; so fearless
She thinks she can go it alone
That she can dismiss the wind
Guiding her elsewhere
With no thought but her own
Resulting from nothing but a subtle rend
In her past?

Do you know that girl still smiles
Every day of her life
She feel blessed.

When the fog clears
And sunlight reflects from that window
Her dazzling, freshwater pearls shine through
And the little, untouched gap between them lets you know
It's her.
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