South Africa

It’s like I have two minds

Not a double sided sword

But two minds

From negative to positive

High to low

Right from left


It’s a strange distinction

I cannot explain

Unless if you have it


It’s like a crack in your mind

New pictures come in

Showing you scenes

That you would never imagine


But, is it a disadvantage

To have this imagination?

Or a reflection of the other side of the mind?


The people that have it

I can understand

Because I have it


It’s a blessing, not a curse

To have this feeling

Because I can truly help someone

With this feeling



To get to the core

Without hesitation


Yes, people look at you

Like a freak

Is that make them any better?


It makes them a freak too

Because they are insecure about themselves


They judge

They flee

They run away

From what hurts inside


It’s a tragic

A cycle of hopelessness


Someone judges

Then gets insecure

Becomes depressed

Then dies

Because they lose hope

Of gaining confidence


Seeing this cycle, I’m fine where I stand


Yes, I tremble

I cry

I sigh

But, that does not mean

I lie in the bed

In order to die

I recover

In order to discover

That it’s not bad at all


Yes, I may tremble

I may feel negative

And feel down

But, there is a cure


I build myself

I rest myself

I think ahead of myself

In order to dissolve this feeling-



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