I am who I am no excuses.

My outer cannot my inner make.

Take away my sprinkles

Colorful and cute in design

I am still a cupcake

Sweet and rich and divine and wholesome to my core

But whole is not excluding the depth

The negative and positive

I have worked so hard to accept

What is life without struggle

Lips with no eyes

Ears with no mouth

To speak but not hear

To see but not speak

of course I speak metaphorically.

So many things I see and feel and cannot mend

I use art as a vessel to comprehend

This mad world, crazy place,

Saturday night, dance at the club

hopeful race

I stand in the mirror proud of who I've become

Standing on the shoulders of my parents

my ancestors my GOD.

By no means is this battle won.

I am a strong believer in love

And the gift of God's grace

The best things in life are free

A saying that I proudly embrace

Because it is true

When my physicalness is won over

By the hands of time

The ever moving clock

The man made concept

My looks that give such great importance

to those who knew me well decay

And me, the true me

will fall into a never ending sea

a tropical mist

an island of love

and light

and I will be eternally free

I truly believe.

Now I told you a little bit about myself

just touched the surface

Who could know everything

This surely wasn't the purpose

But as I said before

I'll repeat it once more

I am who I am no excuses

I am a cupcake

Whole, and sweet and virtuous ,

Sweet and rich and divine.





This poem is about: 
Our world


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