The Mirror

Reflecting back at me 

My crooked nose and too-thin wrists

My frizzy curls and flaws. The list

Goes on and on.


I search for perfection.

The magazine’s models stare back at me;

Their photo-shopped smiles

Their legs for miles

Remind me of what I’m not.



I’ve got them in spades.

I’ll never measure up 

To the perfection that I crave.





Sure, I’ve got that inside.

Helping me to conquer

The imperfections that I hide.



I’ve got that, too.

A single force that guides me

Telling me what to do.



The reflection in that mirror can’t stop

The things that I will do.


So maybe on this quest 

To find a me that’s flawless

I’ve found a me that’s better

With the flaws I once suppressed.


The reflection in the mirror - I don’t see it anymore.

That crooked nose, it’s from my dad.

My too-thin wrists match mom’s. The list

Goes on and on.


‘Cause here’s the thing about perfection:

It’s something I can’t reach

But with some introspection

I’ve found that flaws are what make me




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