Authentic me

You look around a see a girl. You don't know who she is or where she came from.

Seems odd.

But it's just me. You've seen me I'm sure. I live like this.


Unfiltered, though, when I'm home. By myself. I transform.


I can finally relax. I can breathe. I lounge around and let myself be.

are you that different?

At night when I know it's safe I cry. I have survived another day with all of them.


Unfiltered I can't control myself. I get so sad and angry that I just want to do something.

Such as?

I feel the need to hurt someone. Myself. Anything. I can't think properly.

Then what?

I have finger nails. It won't leave a mark for long but it helps me feel something.


It's all I can do. I'm so helpless. I can't controll it.

What now?

I wake up and I get ready ro another day. I paint on a smile and repeat. Not every day. But some.


It starts over again. Me unfiltered. It's a little scary. But I love it. I live it.


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