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When i was stumbling in the dark,confused and crying out for help, this friendly fellow seemed amused:   And while i fought like anything  to keep the candle lit he cheerfully reviewed
I jumped so high once beforethat I know life ain't true,so believe me, I know what life can put you through,so I'm pretty sure you'll know what I'm saying to you!It's not like I refuse to go through,
Once I stepped into that empty room  I felt like I was in there for hours instead of 15 minutes My hands were playing with each other, comforting their nerves I came out of there alive barely surviving
As a musician i have realized not more than just music notes are hidden within the pages of  music. Every first time wont be perfect but that doesnt mean stay muted.
"What do you want to be when you're older?"  Heard across as a child Looked over my shoulder and said a job so bizarre and wild   The words came out of my mouth, "A mom and a wife",
Travel all the world Look fabulous doing it Meet tons of new friends
I have come to realize that it's hader than what it seems. A dream job, your dream job.
I am the silent tulip,
Your upraised so high, and I am so low I upraise you so high, each and every day Each night I lower you down, like a show We complete this task, even in the gray
What could be is what can't be. Acting is a dream that i crave To be able to give the gift of laughter To be able to bring happiness or sorrow To be an escape for those who dislike their reality
I want my children to experience nature. Not just through a TV Screen But through tangible experiences
Poeticy the Sophistication Of liberation of ones Meditation  Contemplation and tribulations With out limitations On expressions or diction   Poeticy   Where steel hearts meet corrosion
I'll be the world's whisteblower. With my notebook in hand and suit and tie on, I'll patrol the area I'm responsible for. If I catch you doing something you aren't supposed to be doing, I'll give you a red card,
I am fawless
When I walk past the door I smile While others might sigh or groan or pout For I know that this is the place where your life begins. When I hear the bell toll I smile
After pondering of what I want to do, and Because I want to help others, Counseling is the one job I want to change my life Dramatically. Even though the pay is not Fantastic- it gives me
To some, school is a place to socialize and meet new friends, To others, school is a struggle, that often leads to dead ends.   Some have dreams of becoming an actor,
I dream of children learing the speak. I dream of a world of communication I dream of being a speech therapist I dream of changing the world
A job that can transform me is not a job at all. A job is what people have to get by. I don't want to just get by, feel all high and mighty when really it's so hard I'm ready to die. No, I don't have a dream job. I have a dream though.
Dig and dig, research and dig Search, dig, uncover, to what avial? Mostly rocks and bones, but One glimmer in the dirt Thousands of years in a trinket History in your hands A rush of exictment
It is my job to eliminate the stereotypical idea of today’s generation. 
Any job that infiltrates the class system of America would change my life path. It's an never ending cycle of poverty for some, others of wealth. In order to get the job that changes my life path, education is  must.
Folded white page settling upon my desolate outcry I decipher my future affair with a turn of a blind eye.   Colored on boxes written on page or carved on stone I accept all beginnings 
I always always gave you less. I always always second guessed. I always always shot you down. I always always loved you less.   You always gave me more. You always gave your best.
Why me? What can I do? Why am I more deserving than others for financial elevation? I’m not.I’m just a girl with dreams of making a differenceBut I want anyway.I want to erode my own name out into history
I want to learn the art of reminiscence in collaboration with meditation and the blessings bestowed upon me. Does the mind not hold the soul? And the brain the body? I want to innervate creative minds. Do all nations hold such a service?
One job may change my life. It could be becoming an astronaut Or Becoming a Power Ranger Like I always dreamed When I was five.
Three jobs for the single moms just trying to get by Seven for humans who have student loans  Nine for the addicts doomed to die One for for me to make my home In the land where I will never cry
Here is a link to my poem I want to add to this scholarship poetry slam!  enjoy!
It's a lonesome life,but with a flame that entices the soul To attract others and fight the good fight, in our hearts, you know you're right. But what happens when someone takes the keys,
I start my car, Hear the ignition? I'm driving to my job, I'm a pediatrician!   A kid walks in He's nervous as heck I gotta use my stethoscope To check  
When the air is filled With excitement and thrill, The Day has just begun.   When a child that frolics With daisies and lollies,
My hands are thin, My fingers slim I scrub them an srub them But they are calloused from helping him. My shoulder is bony And dry to the touch But she brings life to it
Only a doctorate degree could change my life Although it may take a lot of years and a lot of strife 12 to 14 years of study Hopefully I’ll have enough money For Duke University which is my dream school
I wake up every morning thankful to be alive A brain unlike any other im different yet alive My thoughts questions why im alive
The poisoned mind Is a threat and a burden
You'd never guess the things I hide the thoughts that haunt my mind Yes there's a monster deep inside
My dearest poet, do not study for hours another's poetryfor you will hinder your wordsRich painter, do not gaze in a fellow's perspectivefor you will stifle your perception
A sick child, I made a wish I wished for a future, I wished for a cure I wished for a miracle, but I got more Defying all odds, I'm still alive Two years into college, and still I strive
Sunflowers dancing in the light, Hidden but not out of sight; Gathered in anonymity, But not without solemnity.   
No man shall choose another’s destiny Gods among earth we are not My work will drive me as far as I let it For this is where ambition and wishing will split Humble actions influence outgoing impacts
I am Joseph Conciatori/but I'm not your average Joe/I'm more than that, an intellectually gifted and highly talented young man/with a proverbial truckload of ambition/I aspire to graduate at the top of my class/with that marketing degree I'm tryi
As you see, this world may not tolerate many of you. Discrimination is just like a flu. How can many believe a God, When their vision is in a fog. Mouths are shut, closed, in silence mode.
There's something about waiting that make keeps me doing it.
Authenticity is identity, But who are we- The lies we tell ourselves, That we tell each other. If honesty is freedom, Then why is truth so cloaked, Masked, and long denied?
A color Changes the whole game. An accident  Causes a beautiful "new world order".
The role I took on is not one for the weak. I must be strong for the patient in my care. I am the advocate for those who cannot speak. I breathe for them when they can no longer move air.
I want to see a smile, Come across your face  One that has not been there for a while  Because you did not believe you would live to see another day.   I want for you
As a child I wanted to become  a princes A nurse
Philosophies Drift amuck in a waterless world Catching on to anything Within hand’s grasp   We strive to find purpose To stake our land To hold our place To say “we were here”  
What disease has plagued us causing generous people to become so treacherous? Is it poverty, obesity, or something with the heart
Fifty blissful years had passed the couple by, the world never ceasing to smile upon them: every second, each tick and tock, capturing some moment to be treasured.   They sat together on a swinging bench,
America's highways are all Route 66 America's highways are all Route 666 Why'd the hobo cross the road--to get the other side Dotted yellow line a new kind of divide Thumb out, took his last free ride
they say art majors are toughthey claim art students are poorteachers, parents: all the same
  If I could have my dream job I would use my voice Use it to make sounds Use to make a choice Use it to make art painted by my mouth Drawing the images on the canvas of your ears  
A job that won't just change my life but help others change theirs too. Teach For America, thats what I want to do.  I want to spread a wildfire in students that I'll teach Ignite the passion 
Click click click
No perfect time for change Different stages throughout the day They will think it's strange They don't care what you say Your life Your body Your start You heart
Please take a minute and look into my eyes I'm going to speak a little of my demise   You see, Just one job could change my life if you look at me, you can't see my strife
Pulling out my uniform,
A smile on a face Brings one to my own I know this is my passion When selfless works are shown I want a career Not just another 9 to 5 Where I impact the lives of others
The newly forming star,   the planets, red and blue,   the black holes and white dwarfs,   Discover scientific breakthroughs.  
As children, we grew up with big dreamsOur guardians were pure inspirationAs if they were the manuals to life themselvesEven I could not wait to grow upBe like them, talk like them, know everything
Bearing the torch of knowledge, Casting the light of compassion, Into lands darkened with illness. Like a candle transferring its ilght, Awakening a new shine, In the dull eyes of the sick,
I tell myself I don’t need it That the whole thing’s just a dream And that there’s no way in heaven So just leave it to fall back to sleep But this dream must be on a sugar-high
I've seen the pain of a thousand lies tearing through your soul I've seen the bruises of anger beaten down upon your pliable flesh Furious fists flying, pushing, swinging, never ending, never stopping
Ever since the beginning my heart has yearned to explore, A sensation of curiosity bubbling within the very depths of my soul. No nook or cranny could hide their secrets from me,
Jilliard is my dream. Broadway is my fantasy.  Just visiting New York, I would be singing happily.  I've always loved the stage Ever since I was small. I've been from a monkey to Ms. Darling,
"Do what you love and you'll love what you do." One day, I hope to fulfill that phrase. One major. One job. Such emphasis on choice. But too choosy on MY choice.
Writing, writing, writing flying. To see eye to eye with a reader
I can admit that I'm not the same person as I was when I was young I feel my experiences have raised me  Shaped me, into the person I have become Through all the talent shows
  My passion is children. But my heart lies with helping others. My dream career; Takes heart and dedication
Ever since I was little, I dreamed about being a teacher. I'd hang out with friends and we'd hold 'class' I'd be the teacher, assign 'homework', 'teach' lessons, 'grade' worksheets.
My dream job is an open door it's what I'm paying all this fucking money for My dream job is Graphic Design It'll be some time before I get it in line, 4 years of school and $100,000 down the drain
Faces of cursoriness, envy, hope, and excitement controls the room Wanting deeply to get the latest Some are trying to get a promotion on their first day Well respected eyes gleam of desire to be the one in all elitism
Summer heat calls to me, peering in through my window--several stories up-- asking me out to play. But a phone rings,  an intern rushes in, a Dreamer follows in tears. 
  One job may change my life   “The thing about pain . . . it demands to be felt.” As I look around, I see it:
Late at night I slave away, my fingers feeling raw My weary eyes are drooping fast, my knuckles at them claw.   Why do I put myself through this?  This never-ending toil?
Yes I have one job in mind to create a generation that no longer is blind changing the perspective of things that are left to be neglected that other america no one cares to see but feels sorry for that other america the teens live in, the one th
*Note: All quotes are from Walt Disney’s Cinderella, song “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” What is a dream? “A dream is a wish your heart makes When you’re fast asleep…” Being a part of Disney magic
I have an addiction, that I can't seem to break.  I tend to help others fix their mistakes.  I put others' happiness before my very own,  and I make sure their potential becomes known. 
If I could have one job That would change my life What would it be? I could be a doctor A lawyer Or an astronaut maybe?
All eyes on him. Hopes and dreams and money that screams to succeed; all lie on his shoulders. The weight of scolders in the rival stands and prayers from believers. No time for a breather,
  My dream job  is not the job that I need
Dozens of bright smiles and glistening eyes, All looking up at me as I proudly say, “Hello children, my name is Ms. Mata”. Sugar rushes and crashes in the morning, Boxes of tissues are used up by noon,
Films are storys brought out to life. The heart skippes a beat A smile is drawn on your face
This one job is all I ask I'm a simple being, I do not ask for much. i am frugile and I am not selfish I am modest. I cannot say I am a saint nor am I selfless being... But, I do not ask for much, I have one wish
The man with Bipolar Disorder that cannot keep a job…
My life has been a constant battle Against a dictator of sorts; The kind that all angsty teenagers Hope to one day sue in courts,   Their mother.   My mother was nothing but good
My dream job is to be a storyteller make my words mean something To someone   My dream job is to be a storyteller travel across the lands reveal secrets  
Though not a poem in its natural vein,I expect my dream job not to be in vain.Something where I can be myselfBut probably also build a few shelves.Yes my dream job lies in architecture
That "Sizzle" you hear coming from the non-stick pan 
My one chance  My one chance to go college  My one chance to have my dad back in my life  Where he can say that he is proud of me  Without putting up a fight 
Imagine waking up one day and finally discover a cure for cancer.   Imagine finding a new cure for anything.   Hearing people scream your name in chants or seeing tears of pure hope.
He is made an outcast; She suffers from abuse; Another is always chosen last. Kids can be so mean.   Life is tough, When all they do is tear you down Can’t take it soon enough
One Job May Change My Life A wise man once said: “To all who come to this happy place, welcome,” “Disneyland is your land….” And it is my land.
Connect the streams of dreams of the lost man   Where an ocean of passion for art lies   In the brain of his youth, while gaming.   Feel the crushing waves of the obstacles  
Its hard to see in these clouds What seemed so far is coming soon Four more years of studying Then I will live what I've dreamed for years Every field by the highway Will transform from dying grass
"Bombs explode overhead, shrapnel soars like the confetti of a million dead men's dreams, too many to count, too fast to grasp, too sharp to hold They whizz past, into the tender flesh of my comrads.
Kissing each child’s forehead Dancing to the sweet echoing laughter Squeezing them like a lemon before bed Reminding them they’re creations of the Maker And writing about it.  
The power of words is greater than any tidal wave at its highest peak ready to swallow, or a volcano in full, fuming eruption, or rocket ready to destroy the barrier that surrounds us all.                
Hoping like a child would, Was the demise of my childhood. Suffering tyrannical oppression for most of my life, Created a demon inside of pain and strife. Writing on parchment made of skin,
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
Is there anything as beautiful as the written word? If there is I’ve yet to see it Words can create pictures in your head They can take you to places you’ve never been before
My dream job isn't a job at all Well, at least for me it's not I mean, your dream job shouldn't feel like a job
Extractions, fillings, and drillings Placing crowns on pearls Brightening a future Bracing the serpentine white line Cleaning away remnants of the past All just parts of my soon to be dream  
What would it be like?
One job Two jobs Three. What is it for? Giving or for greed?     One job Two jobs Three. I got a promotion all just for me.     One job
Just one job could change my life, Make me rich, or help me find a wife
 I’m lost. I know that much.
Why do I dream to be a Veterinarian, it’s funny that you asked. A Tiger, A Mother. A Hunter Striped orange and white Totally different from a Deer Who is as though appears Inferior
Its life changing, But effort taking. It's worth the while, But the while is breaking. Dreams soar high, Higher than my reach. Learn from others, For it's their mistakes they teach.
There are a lot of jobs out there to choose from, I must say,
The most beautiful sight in all the world: A blank canvas. The potential and creativity inside the artist brings life to art. If you allow me this, I will make you a masterpiece.
Exausted. Leaning in to rest on my elbows, Let my eyes go black with magnetic lids... Newton. Carter. Poe. Hippocrates... NO. Eyes open. My lids repelled from each other. Awake. Be Awake.
I know a job, Not for a snob, That requires caring And sharing Your time and love, And overall a type of Understanding, Which can be very demanding. Helping the weak
One Job May Change my life  
I want to take you apart. Bit by bit, deconstructing with my mind. Bones and skin and muscles Take you down to your most basic components. I want to see you stretch. I want to coax your skin into
  I love the media. It’s interesting and fun and keeps us all connected, on one page. But don’t get me wrong… I don’t enjoy the propaganda, the mendacious ads and suffocating numbers,
I remember it like it was 
Becoming a chief executive officer can change my life. Competition is what I'm seeking for and achieving my dreams will keep me way from the thug life.
Life is about finding your true purpose and being yourself. One should always remain the same, genuine person that they were when they discovered who they were. Your job, your purpose should reflect who you are and what you truly love to do.
Women have the opportunity, to have the power they so desire. I rise above to shine in the eye, the peculiar, curious eye of society. I shine as bright as the sun with the job I have just won.  
Working to live, not living to work Trading their life for money, instead of love Secretly longing to give their life for a cause Yet they’re too sick to even walk 2 blocks.  
Empty pockets. Dirty brown leather wallets. Mom's tears. My siblings' fears. Kicked out of houses. Trampled and tumbled over by high rolling bosses.  What's a job?  A job is hope.
What is a job? Is it a cumbersome load that fills nine to five Hours of six days per week? Is it a place you hate But, tolerate Because it keeps your bills paid? Or is it more? Like, for example,
a basic principle want to help people through medical feel better-able so incredible   something new would love to continue through  
I have had a dream, as cliche as it could be, I want to be a dancer. To dance every hour of every day, To feel that freedom, the control of my feet. Ah yes, that is what I dream.  
Never want to sit down    Wild and freeThis is how it needs to be     Please dont cry
  Six o’clock: Millions of eyelids unfold Burning from the light of dawn.   Coffee is poured Ready to scorch each throat With the bitterness of another day.  
“Fortune without fame” was always my motto; But I desire my fortune In more than a stack of bullion   I want walls lined with boxes,
A glance into the future is what we all hope to see. What lies in that moment will essentially drive who we will be! What do we hope to accomplish is a challenge in itself?
I have this desire, this dream,   And it's completely overwhelming me.    The passion I feel,   I know this could all be real,  
Child of poverty Child of immigrants Doesn't know any other world until it's time to go to school In Boyle Heights, you're just like everybody else except maybe not as brown
Ferociously scribbling intellectual inscriptions draped in decorative diction upon negated pages Negated pages, buried inside a hard back journal reflecting ages and ages of poetic aspirations     Poetry
I dream poetry There is nothing that excites me more More than transcribing thoughts I may never share More than reading out loud to find what sounds best
Will you Love me tomorrow for the things I've done today,Or will you love me Forever for the things I can not change?
We are told from a young age that we must choose a path in life. We go to school, learn about Robert Frost, and are told to take the road less traveled. But we are not given a roadmap. We are not given a compass.
Can it be done? You'll never make it. What makes you think you're that smart? Change your major while it's still easy.    Can it be done? Its been my dream. All I can see myself doing. 
I look outside and see, The world is waiting for me, There is much to learn, And it all comes in turn, all I have to do is turn the knob, And prepare for the job.
People say white sheep are the chosens Black sheep are the outcasts Inaccurate Both are sheep   In a breed of Lawyers, accountants, doctors The world is only Black And
First you were there, and now your not, my one support system, finally lost. You had #one job, you know it's true, you left me, when i need you. All i ask, is when you come back, please support me, I need that back.
First you were there, and now your not, my one support system, finally lost. You had #one job, you know it's true, you left me, when i need you. All i ask, is when you come back, please support me, I need that back.
My dream job is to be a pediatrician. This I know is not fiction. I want to help the kids around me So that they can grow up to be The finest adults you'll ever see.  
I don't even know you, dude. But here we are. Brought togther by fate? Naw. I don't think so. Maybe something stupid you did. Maybe someone stupid who did it. I'll be straight with you. You stay straight for me.
Pulling the wrenches, breaking the bolts, sweating in the summer, freezing, while working through the rain and the snow. Complaining to the boss even though I tell everyone this is THE dream job.
We all know the story of Adam, Eve, and the apple she bit which damned every generation. Because of that, I'm afraid to take risks. I might as well say I'm afraid to live.
As a child, I act- innocent eyes capture imagination Seeing worlds adults cannot see, blind to the beauty Days comprised of dreams- of Prince Charming gallivanting confines of castles,
The sick and the dying, The needy and the hopeless, Who do they look to for aspiration? The strong and the immune, The lucky and hopeful, Who do they look to for guidance?
To walk into a room, the walls adorned with art, poets words  are begging to fall into papers below.     This is what I want to do.    
I know I should be working I know that it's just "right" Not relying on welfare checks
His hands are long and spindly;
A little boy tells his father"I want to be an air force pilot, I want to knock on the sky.I want to see where the angels live and where God sits on high."His father grins and he says "Mijo, you'll be the best.
when you take that first step out of the black wings into the light you can't see them, but you know they can see you and it's terrifying, heartbreaking, nervewracking
a foreign step shifts a pebble. flashes of a man paralyze her and her daughter cries; he's found us. a decrepit old man moves past her without so much as a look. not one to fear but not one to help.  
Little hands clasped together on their desks. Eager to listen, to absorb, to learn.  
A mosiac of colors above your head, the cool current rocking, and brilliant creatures swimming effortlessly- just the beginning of the beauty that the ocean holds.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a Disney-type world?   Feather-light footsteps. True, unparalleled romance and love that compares to no other. Completely, blissfully carefree.
I sat no more than five years old work, work hard now for later I was told learn to spell, and write, and divide so when life rolls along wih every new tide You will be a strong candidate
One day you became serious
There is a war waging on this world. It is waged by every country, every boy and girl. Every stream, every ocean feels the war’s pain. And water fights back with acid rain.  
My name is Derrick Lawson and I come from the ‘Bridge, Where people try to make some money and they’re dying to live. My dream job is business, working with technology, be friends with Bill Gates,
What is it about jobs that frightens the whole world?
A lush green canopy teeming with life, the rainforest stretches on for miles upon miles. Sluggishly, it's lazy river runs through it, colored brown from sediment upstream.
You will need: 1 human body (preferably fresh) 1 absorbent mind 2 parts ambition 1 part hard work 3 parts hormones 1 part friendliness 16/18 cups knowledge (Depends of consistency)
To shine, save lives, conquer, and fly Those were our dreams before trying to survive Now it’s money, wealth, and superiority for what we’re forced to strive But God bless the soul who wants otherwise
The misty mountains cascaded by the morning dew awakened by the thunder of charred oak barrels rolling across the barn floor.   The barrels wait to be filled with the unrefined clear liquid 
The misty mountains cascaded by the morning dew awakened by the thunder of charred oak barrels rolling across the barn floor.   The barrels wait to be filled with the unrefined clear liquid 
I dream of being able to fulfill my life goal of being involved in the political world.
Just one job could open a door too a number of possiblities; and the one job that can change my life, Is just around on the otherside
I stand on the stage, the mic in my hand, with one final breath, I look to the band.   The song, it begins, the guitars, they strum, the audience listens, and they begin to hum.  
One job may change my life One job may consume my life So I cannot resume my life One job may take my soul Replace my whole with holes
Life is not fair, none are here with perfect air
My dream job would be: a kid.   Now, that may seem utterly ridiculous. Well, it's "right" to think that, in a way. Experience may say differently to my choice, But first, hear what I have to say.   
To Be a Animator-I have to focus on the body to the movtion of the wind from the sky to birds to a woman like me.  
O, to teach                                                                                                                                                        The humble and the meek                                                            
The world has really let itself go. It just doesn't look like it used to: Some parts sag way down low, some wouldn't even dewrinkle if  a steamroller ran on it on a loop.  
One day I dream of helping those with disorders mental, physical
Since the day I saw your pale face, Your eyes revealed the hope that burned inside you. You knew the meaning of life already when you were eight and a half years old. We both had IV's in our arms under our hospital gowns,
Helping people day and night Helping people left and right Rain or shine For Saddness or happy This is my job, my calling, my happening Healing the sick or fixing the disabled
All my life I have loved animals Volunteering has brought me great joy And for as much as I have helped them, they have changed my life even more. The are no words to describe how it feels to help the helpless
Could you be so passionate? Having only started your life? A small voice in the darkness, Not burning very bright.
Semestri primo cognoscere fefellit  Nullam ut magna ipsum dolor sit  A Quod vel, pede    Vestibulum semper manere volui  Et aliquid a se in mundo, ingeniarius,   
  A picture of the future, fuzzy but becoming clear.  Knowing what I want, but questions remain.
This one job, may change my life. This one job, may change your life. This one job,  may change the world.   That one surgery, can take my life. That one surgery,
  I capture via lens The stories that capture me Film is immortal   Director to be
Those gifted hands, Bathing in antimicrobial soap and water, Clothed in radiant latex sterile surgical gloves.
My eyes see the world In ways different than yours Forming ideas, designing images This is the gift I was given Turning what you see into art Frames, collages, canvasses And one day
When I grow up, I want to build castles I want to ride dragons and cast spells and go on quests. I want to crown kings, sew gowns for princesses, and cast a curse over a land far, far away.
I walk into the classroom in the morning. It's empty. The vision of seeing young students in front of me rattles my bones, shakes my fingers, speeds my heart. I'm nervous. Nervous about
Voices wander along the wind  Across land and sea
<One Job> Reading and reading through appendices Lines of coding tattooed in my mind like appendages.
Helping the world one step at a time. How can I help a damaged poet once again rhyme?
I have fireworks inside me with special patterns:  Sapphire stars, scarlet plaids, lavender polka-dots.  They explode.  Treking the course-grained rocks at Topsmead State Forest. 
My One Dream Job.   We pave the trail we’re meant to blaze We’ll keep on going until it’s ourselves we amaze   Some of us will take off and just keep flying Those of us that fall will just keep trying
The piano sits in the living room begging me to play an endless tune. But my mind inside me booms saying "why doubt so soon? Music isn't that great, remember Math is what pays,
It's Friday night, the city rustling, my shoes too tight. Time to leave, the streets are empty. They're here, with me, at my bar enjoying the company of those from the working scene,
Hobby (noun) an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation
I want to hear from you What you have to say Whatever is on your mind I know you feel empty, Alone, and scared.   I know that from the very first Moment you heard the phrase
In life, we are all given a path, a choice to succeed or failSome people know from an early age what their dream is and how to obtain it: success after success.
Happiness -- what life is all about,  right?  And what can take us there,  each of us an individual trail through the brambled and bushy woods of the world:  my path? Board games --  my own board games, 
Facing reality, facing conspiracy, facing humanity I that what it is? Dealing with cruelty, judged down by royalty How can my heart win? Shaken by words that mean no harm Cause all I have are my scars
Lighting ears is hard to do The sounds need to be perfect, to reach a break through It's called music, the sounds you hear No matter the genre, it's something people keep dear  
For all of my lifeI have been told,"follow the crowd"and "fit the mold".But I am unique,you see.
I love teeth i love braces if you step to me you will have new faces   i love spacers i love wires if you step to me you will get what you desire   i love brackets
Dreams are just that, they usually stay dreams, Reality is just that, it is real, Yet, why can't you make your dreams part of your reality? Why am I so passionate about this you may ask...
Here I am Alone in this room, Alone in this house The front door, I hear it slam She's home. Home from the endless days and nights Home from the job that barely pays enough To feed our mouths.
In a world with strife I want to make it better. That is my dream job.
Give me time To change the world To blossom and fly To metamorphasis
Growing up I never noticed that I was different. 
A job not given to people
Blow the whistle  run a lap dont be afraid to tap  put on your cap  and go close the gap  when the final buzzer sounds  all that we'll say is time to beat another sap 
Dear 17 Year Old Me,Do you remember gazing through the windowpane?You and I, observing the cars go by as their treadsLeave unmistakable trails?Watching souls venture to and fro
If I could anything I wanted to be, A computer science teacher, Is what I would be.   Teaching the youth of tomorrow, How to perform a new life skill, I don’t care how much money I borrow.  
Fate's been kind to lead me here So far, so close to childhood home Three years gone an eon ago No sign of that boy is left to show   Two graves were dug, one loved, one not
So many children of different backgrounds and experiences, All need love and support, A teacher's guidance down the path of life, Lends a hand to changing lives.
My dream job is unrealistic. It will always and forever be. My dream job is to open eyes And help others learn to see.   I've always wanted to be a superhero. I wanted to change the world.
The impression of light, Behind closed eyelids, Is all that I desire The flash of colors, Shocking and joyous,
I didn't think my doodles would take it as far as this Perhaps, all along I wanted to be an artist   Attention to details: How to stretch a canvas- How to have the right consistency when making its prime
On the path of education
From the day we are born in our lives are in danger.From the moment she took her first breath,Her fate had been decided.She never even made it home.Straight to the chicken farm she went.
I'm stuck in a junkyard, a graveyard, a garden of broken dreams Full of flowers that never sprouted or maybe tried to but never had a chance. I walk along the graves of fallen angels who now have grown cold and mean,
I don’t know how I’ll get there But I sure know where to begin. I can take my first step Without knowing where I’ll end. Perhaps in fields of blue bonnets And of cities far away,
One job may Mine         Yours                   Ours                           The World
Ever since my adolescent years, I knew what Life destined me to be Life, reciting a few words of wisdom, confidently proclaimed “I have your key” This well-polished key was the gateway to the enticing door that read “SUCCESS”
I looked out of the window, the dark night stared back I said, come on out sun, I wanna go to MY job I had to go to my JOB yesterday at the grocery store, at dusk I quit but today, I wanna go to MY job
My gift is the ability to create masterpieces with my words. The most beautiful descriptions you’ve ever heard just seem to fly off of my tongue almost like a bird.
As a child, Mind always wondering Who am I, Who am I gonna be Be happy Or make money Be a doctor, Be a teacher, Be a lawyer Or be me, Be an interior designer
Making it happen Through hustle, hard work, and self-confidence Making it happen By graduating from a university with a bachelor's degree Making it happen With support from loved ones friends and family
When a lost one goes they never come again but through who's misdeed like a glass of water who's inside remain dry in a world of happiness its only hate they see their life remains still
Being a cracked shell, Scars upon softness, I need to heal, To know that what I feel will end at me, Exploration of the grounds and the oceans, Compass disappears, No aim but to ease the pain,
one job to alterredifinemoldshapean expendable mind. is what she dreams ofdoing - a reason to rubher eyes, wake up andseeevery day. 
Porifera, Cephalopoda, Echinodermata Crustacea Gills and Lobe Fins and Cartilage and Tube Feet
One Dream One Job One life time One ambition One lesson One courage One step One doctor One hosptial One Medical school One patient One medicine One Job
I am creative and witty. I wonder if I'll ever become the best. I hear the ruckus of my thoughts banging all against my brain's wall. I see all the awards I'll be getting for my fine pieces of work.
Look about the world See how you are blessed Not many can compare Not many can attest This world to help, my only goal Let me give you what I have, Everything I own. 
What is in a smile?  Love Freedom Happienss  Insparation  Relaxation Releace Hope
Some people are inspired by the Earth, Others by the sea, I’m one of those that look up to the sky.   Though it’s not for the stars, Nor the moon or planets. I like to sit and watch.  
Why write when Tim Horton’s has the NEW RED VELVET CUPCAKE? When Zara’s new floral jeans are $49.99? They also sell knitted sweaters, flat rim hats, faux gold necklaces, OPI nail polish, Mavi jeans
To make a thing; see it breathe the life I Place into its shell. The numbers leap from within And form into shapes of my design. Thereby Unto souls I give artificial skin.
  I mingle among people from afar gaining trust on common ground embracing their tongue and customs
Softball; I sprain my ankle. Sit out for the rest of the season. I was depressed and hopeless. However, being injured caused me to go to physical therepy. There I encountered my dream job.
Inside me there's a longing  A desire to change nations
You asked me how I knew I loved you, The words could barely leave my mouth. I tried to write it, I couldn’t. There was no ink, I could not do that to you, You deserve to know the reason,
You asked me how I knew I loved you, The words could barely leave my mouth. I tried to write it, I couldn’t. There was no ink, I could not do that to you, You deserve to know the reason,
Somebody once asked me what I wanted to do with my life
A dictator; keeping us alive A miracle; each day that we survive The Brain; a miraculous dictator A place; to experiment, study, and strive   Greatness; achieved through trial and error
The job that would change my life forever for a good cause would be being a paramedic. What could be greater than help others with their lives,save lives, change lives.
One incision, saves lives metal snakes, little knives.   A lot of work, no time, a lot of money, for a lot of time-   in school to get your money's worth,
Saving lives is what I will do No one knows what patients are going through, To become a doctor means to save one's life To help the patient prepare for a long fight To find a cure for cancer 
I just want to be a doctor,  One that will help others prosper.  I just want to work in the emergency room,  To lead others out of  certain doom.  Call me crazy if you will, 
They tell me I am not supposed to be here
Be an insperaion by being myself. My dream is to perform for millions. Why me?Why not me? May take me time but I'll never back down. Your words don't touch me. Why me?Why not me?
Some people do things because  they want attention  they seek a diffent kind of outlook  things happen because  people want more from life than the norm somethings don't change because the word because 
People don't want to share. Not their distress and not their personal battles. They fight within themselves everyday and by the end, they lose.  They lose the fight they start everyday with something they're not proud of,
To every single thought, burning desireThat prevails in eachBoth the quiet and loud, sound of fireTo complete what has been born.
I Wish, I Wish Upon A Star
A young girl looks to the stars She closes her eyes and makes a wish Hopes for no financial bars Swimming around like a lost little fish Overwhelmed by the turbulent sea
For a teenager the dream job  requires: No work lots of money.  but isnt that everyones dream?  in order to have a functioning society  we must settle  for the dream job that we love 
I sit in constant worry, wishing on a star. What I will I do that could change my life…forever? Will I make it that far? My mind is conflicted. Anxiety is consuming me.
Early in life I've learned Life has never been about what changes my life It is what changes others' lives.   That one job that would change my life? It would be to see that spark--
Earth is our home So keep it clean  There is no other like thee. We must conserve our water And keep it free Of all the polluntants that we can and cannot see. As I go off to college I shall explore
  I hear a lot of stories in the news
The Office is bright and inviting. What lies beneath that however, Could be quite enticing. The Office is where secrets are kept away forever, But pay no mind to the ominous endeavors.  
One job in the world could change my life A job across seas that deal with eyes and strife. Where schooling and money is hard to come by Where I have recieved already, not easy as pie
We hear it everywhere, If we would just listen closely. Music from all those talented artists I picture myself on a stage, singing my heart out to world. Being in perfect harmony, my family would be there
Projected light upon a screen, Imagined life born from dreams. A story illuminated in the darkened theater, Speakers playing music in perfect meter.   I wish to see my name there too,
I need stabilityI’ve had an instilled fear ever since my parents struggled to provide for meI knew they did the best they could
Being the second born of three Mexican American children, I've been told i was born independent and always had my mind set, knowing what exactly it was that I wanted.
I have been pushed, made fun of and talked about too. So if you told me that you have been bullied I would of known exactly what you have been going through.
Today there's a dream in my heart, taking baked goods and making them art. Desire and talent start the fire, then training in school to help fulfill the desire. Baking breads, cakes and cookies, is where you begin as a rookie. 
My career will take me to the grey moon Beyond Sun system; far, far from Earth, Yet here I am next door singing a tune Indoors, metaphorically giving birth:   To new landscapes and new stories to tell
i know rock bottom feels hollow  like a chasm that will never be filled  like the roaring won't cease and the hurt will never heal.  healing.  i know that too.  and i know light and darkness. 
How do people chose a job? Do they chose or does it come to them? How do they know they want to even work as that? They have never worked as that but like the feeling? How do you know your not going to be miserable?
They say pick a route. They say choose a dream. Well, I'm not backing out So I'll let my thoughts become a live stream.   My dream job is obscure Pharmacy isn't thought of in my small town,
I stop and listen to the ideas and wonders that travels through my brain Watching as my shadow is stabbing me in my back Melting courage and hope on my spine
For the greater good, for the information that the people need The people that work hard to find new technolgoies, tests, and cures that will heal the sick -   
Masquerade and sashay your way down that office, Use those eyes to line the path of your future. Blush those cheeks to hide the pain of those pain written days. Use the foundation to create set forth a smooved finish.
To me teaching is inspiring  To me teaching is leading How many can say that they Led people to inspire others How many can say that they Showed people how wonderful and terrifying the world is
Around it we feel like we are part of something greater. Around it we proclaim our ideas and express them for the world to judge if they are good enough,
A life changing job for me would to become an orthopedic surgeon.
Surrounded by drugs and disease. 
I'd like to take a stethoscope and listen to your heartbeat carefully To hear what it is saying I'd like to take an x-ray of all your broken heart bones so I can know If you're worth fixing
Helping others become a better version of themselves takes education. Helping others to love life takes inspriration. A calling recieved by many but perfected by few. It involves building on what you know and what you do.
Since my mother passed away, I have dreamt of the day, Where fear no longer presides, and happiness stays.   Where others won't need, To feel the hate and plead, Having their hearts yearn,
After traveling so far,  18 years have come,  12 of them spent advanced, hiding from the sun. 
Help people. Help the world. Help myself. How? With one job.   One job...may change my life... My work. Rippling into others' worlds. Change lives. Save lives. This is what doctors do.
A job can change a person. My dream job can change lives. My own. His. Hers. Ours. The Military is where I want to be. Not right out of high school. My mom wants me to have a degree.
I only want to help. I only want to fx the unfixable. I only want to understand the crazy in people, The good, bad, psycho, sad. I want to understand it.   I only want people to feel safe.
I coerced my words from the dormant soul residing within me.And through that lucid window, I could see a flame swaying about
Aluminum, plastic, cigarette butts Decorate a dusty Texas town A beer can hits my windshield, Flung from a monster truck Exhaust billows like a smokestack   Met with scoffs, my raised concern
One Job...May Change My Life
To enlighten someone's day with color, Make someone's day a little better, To show my skills and hard work to my mother.   I want a piece of me to be seen and remembered forever, even after im long gone,
I watch the present smear past the wi
The water trickles over the rocks,     I can almost hear         The faint rush of the water.             The paint glides across the canvas.                 With vigerous strokes,
    I’m in the process of making my dream job my actuality I need people to understand it’s okay to dream outside of the normality To dream outside of what is socially accepted, or is a commonality  
ESPN Color Commentator  You change the channel to ESPN, ESPN2 or get on your computer and turn to ESPN3 but when there is a game being played, you hear a friendly, welcoming voice 
My dream job isn't necessarily an occupation I wish to provide for my son in the best way possible I dream to be a great mother A mother who provides, cares, and sets a good precedent for her offspring
If there was one thing that I could do for the rest of my life I’d be a teacher, but not just of education I would teach children the ways of words, and how to use them So that one day, they could set themselves free
"Ha, social work?  That doesn't pay too much, huh?" If you're talking about cash, you're damn right it don't. If you're talking about joy, which I know you're not because you don't think 
I want to fly,To cruise in the sky.
Korean/ English Version: 여보세요
I came to life to dream  to beam, to seem to have a purpose. I came to life to reap not sleep, not keep my pride holding me back.   For my job is to be under the hunter of clothes.
Like little leaves on  waving tree branches, 
I will not be a millionaire by the time it is all said and done But I hope to have touched at least one single life Whether that be a child, or a parent of a struggling child Being a teacher, it is not made for everyone
Whenever I tell people I want to write for a living, they give me a funny look that says 'good luck' in a sarcastic way, though. Most people don't think anyone can make it writing, writing for television,
I fear the day my daughter turns 14 And tries to suck on a lollipop in class— Because a girl in her class will Be a slut just like her mother And will make a comment suggesting
With headphones in, A determined stare. I type for you but a passage, for all readers to share. Viewers reflect, make choices, prepare.   The future is approaching, with its army of fear.
Putting emotion into a sound  creating art for all who will listen Building it up from the ground making music from passion within  becoming apart of something so known but being original is the key 
.......................... the doctor intubates;the nurse begins compressions;the tecn runs for the defibrillator;chaos.
A Cryptolinguist Someone who identifies and analyzes foreign languages Capable of saving many nations A translator Capable communicator Dual degrees in foreign languages and computer engineering
Maybe I’m the monkey And what I see is what I want to do But there’s something about Creating one world And sharing it with another That appeals to me. Maybe it’s a visual thing
Teacher, teacher, taught me well, just about the opposite of 'rich-as-hell'. Teacher, teacher, is what I want to be, my dream job, my soon-to-be. Teacher, teacher, with lesson plans,
One Sunday morning, my perspective was changed. My priorities needed to be rearranged. Words of counsel echoed in my ears, something I once heard from earlier years.   It was a typical day in class,
Education is the building block, the job that tops them all. You often don't get paid alot, and you always get ignored. Its your fault for everything, and parents will complain. You work past 3 o'clock, and you're up before 8.
If someone could believe I could learn a new skill Like playing in band, And marching drill Then why can't they see I'm ready for this Forensic science-y life. Where the details matter
  At least, be pathological.
Thrill out of this world.Weightlessly I dream to space walk.The science I view.
You sit, you wonder
One job that Would change my life Would have to be something Like a biomedical researcher.   Why a researcher? Because, if anything, I want to help others, Nothing more, nothing less.
All I ever wanted was freedom, to be my own person People have always asked me, "What do you want to do in the future?" It's a question that has followed me and haunted me my whole life
A good man goes to war and I am the one willing to fight. The court my battle field, where words are my weapons, Existing not as knives or guns but as bombs.
"A safe bet" They say "Always in demand" I hear "What a nice house you'll have" She mumbles, already in a daydream But since when are the fun jobs safe? Since when do rewards come to those who lust for them?
MedicineWhat job could satisfy me for years on end?While also challenging me and helping me ascend?A path I could happily devote my life towardsWhile benefitting me with intellectual rewards
Many jobs can change a life. Teacher, doctor, husband, wife. In many ways large or small, A single role to benefit all. The professional I aspire to be, Has more or less chosen me.
My job , may change my life. More importantly, it will change yours. What job I have, will never matter. What matters, is who it helps. What matters, is the person it benefits.
Who can define success? What does it truly mean? Could it be something tangible that we can have? Or is it considerably unattainable, obscure, and unseen? How do I find this road to success,
I’m high Higher than I’ve ever been before But this time is different No drugs for me Not this time   I’m touching the stars I’ve never been this close before But this time is different
My dream job is to be a novelist, And be on the New York Novel List. My words will be read worldwide. They’ll be everywhere. You cannot hide.
I? I walk alone. Itis 20013. A suuny year Like a field of daisies. Then, Then there it is.... The big bang . Here is a Nazi Scorning and cosming everything in HER path.
The job that can change a life- is not meant to be looked forward to    They would always say-   This job is waiting for you it wil change your life-   Don't tell them the truth
Bandages heal wounds Medicine cures the patients Doctors help people
Your amygdala amuses me Small or average? easily indicating intentions Feelings of remorse, and guilt evade you can you imitate emotions As easily as the average human releases them 
My dream job is to become successful in the Business Administration Career. Yes I'm still 17 and I'm in my last year of high school. But I plan on looking for a similar job or volunteering work that will help me prepare for my career.
From the waves crashing on the shore, to the fish below and more, The sharp teeth of a great white are surely to give off a big bite, The cool breeze blowing through my hair, I can already picture me there,
One job may change my life. I wish to last a lifetime. One laugh. One smile. No tears. No fears. Every day they go by, Sad and lonely, They want to cry.
One thing I'm tasked to change I'm to look at a world hurting A world with people whose job it is to kill A world where 1% make money they'll never use  From people enslaved by a system of freedom
I sat in class a brain ahead of me It was dissection day and time to play The teacher handed me the master key I cut around matter that is grey And discovered my new fascination
"You're going to be broke" is what they all say no money for a social worker now a days don't follow your dream, don't help people out because in the end you'll be left out
Sitting scowl-faced on the playground, a child aged nine: “I hate it! I hate school! Don’t look so surprised- The teacher’s lack passion, they don’t even care, They always teach the lessons like we’re not even there.”
A dream job? Am I supposed to have one? Sure I've got a plan. But is it a dream? The plan is law school, Whether I like it or not. But I guess you could say, That my dream is Broadway.  
It is not about the money. It is about what makes you happy. The check is appealing. But is the job base on your feeling? Boring office job or exciting danger. Simple life or adventure.
Thinking up a world that is all my own, Sharing life stories of characters that live within my mind. Bringing those worlds and characters to life, For all to see on the big screen. Since before I could talk, 
I thought if I jumped,  I'd fly to the moon and dance among stars. I thought if I jumped, I'd soar above my parent's hopes for me. I thought if I jumped,
Many jobs can change my life
A bubblegum dream:  To reign the audience dumb As you take the stage.
The mind is my home I live there I wish I could escape It haunts me I overthink I overstep I over state I underwhelm I always fail My expectations crash My heartbeat slows
  With a white lab coat 
My name is Lauren and I have a really crazy dream.
I've seen it around, I know the drill. I know the pain, I hear their shrills.
Torn between the two. I have a friend who knows me inside and out, and another friend who is still trying to figure me out. What am I supposed to do? The best friend who I love,
"OMG you too Ms. Imani?You see I... I thought I was the only"Thats what this young girl said to meas she glared at meno longer feeling lonely.
A perfect picture of one’s life A perfect answer to one’s crime.  
My goal in life is not to change my own but to bring light to another's. In time of need and suffering, I want to be there. To put a smile on their face,  to ease what is uneasy... that is my life goal.  
We all remember being kids. We remember wanting to be a princess or a firefighter or the president. And as we got older, those dreams became less and less realistic.
My Job?That's Easy Changing the World, With my Art. Would be Just Enough.
It’s not just one job; it is a future. Your future. My future. The future of the girl who sits in class with bright eyes that will eventually be dulled by the desk job she will be thrown into.
I want to help everybody, I want to protect the nation. To be a proud America, behind the flag we call our own. Prevent bloodshed, the screams of the young. I want to call the FBI my home,
You only get one life. Like the last bite, inhale until full. Breathe and release the changes.
The dream is always changing, yet it stays the same. To be a prima ballerina, to be a surgeon, a singer,  a broadway star. To be a proffessional hurdler. To be an astronuat.
Life Why oh why do you bother me?
I talk to you You talk to me It's that ugly little word
Money and Fame, that's almost everyone's aim. To be the best a what they do and find the perfect career to pursue. However, my dreams are not the same. Happiness is what I'd like to gain, for my goal to unfold.
Death is like air abundant everywhere.                                                                                                 And it lerks always coming around.                                                                             
Government. Power. Politics. Politician. I could change our nation. I could change the world. My life would forever be changed. People tell me it is impossible. "Never. Gonna. Happen."
One Job  One day two ways I say Experience and Education are the ways three things i must say to the people who didnt believe,refuse to help,or just dont care
Get yourself an education. Close your mind and close your eyes. Pull out all your pens and paper. Save your whos and whats and whys.   Schools'll suck your soul like candy.
Work Work W                 O                                 R                                                 K That all you do, But what about me? We are the children of the world,
  Can one job define us? Can our hunger for success, fulfillment, and adventure be satisfied with just one job. What if I told you yes! Would you believe me? Probably not!  Am I right?  
One job might change my life. Fixing bones, frail or strong, Healing hurts, mending pain. And this is my life. Throwing the ball, Or running the race. My honor to help you You are well again.
My job would bring me forward and around again tomorrow Turning around corners I hope that I can borrow the minds of all your children as I move around the globe I hope to keep on building
My dream job will create unknown possibilities for babies, children and adults who never thought past their barrier. Riding a bike, walking, running and playing will never just be a dream that will end when they open their eyes.
Pages turn, rustling pervades the air.
When it comes to life, things don't always go the way you want it. Plans and goals are written carefully, yet misfortune occurs and mess it all up. Living to the fullest
Sometimes, letting go seems necessary, like I have no other choice but to let my fears and problems- swallow me whole.   Sometimes, I'd look in the mirror and study myself hard,
All of us are like flowers, we start out real slow. From a really small seed, we learn things as we grow. To be better than someone else is our focus rather than the flow. Everyone has their moment,
Life is a mystery full of surprises You'll never know what's going to happen so just live through it.   Count your days count your blessings count your mistakes before your life
I once had a dream about the perfect life; Where people don't sin and always forgive; Sharing was tolerant and kindness was shown; That place is paradise somewhere unknown;
You're as clear as glass and the nastiest mess; You have different personalities and about thirty masks; You guide others throug the dungeon with nothing to see; You're heart's darker than ebony
Today we write tomorrow; or it will write us in our sorrow The future is not so very far away; the present is not here to stay We know not where we will be; life is full of uncertainty
A gasp is ecoed within the crowd He turns in time to see  A crash and clammer is heard aloud
No more fear  Only cheer No more me Only we
I raise my painter's brush.  Sparkling orbs bearing a new and pure soul, untarnished by the learning of men, or the ideals of the world. 
A dream. A blissful careening feeling, abstract and fickle. My job will be a dream.  
I stand on the edge of the abyss Staring into the multitude of eyes and hushed excitement   Red ones spout criticism "She's just a naive child with too big a nose"
I don't have to apologizefor not being perfect
When I first came hereI thought things were going to get better.
Just like any other, I have secrets beneath my smilesA story untold that'll catch many by surprise
If I could have one job it would be to be a musician I would put my skills to use painting a picture with my voice sending you off with my guitar I would no longer be hidden without a voice
Dark black monsters coil around my brain Whispering sentiments and dark thoughts, Clouding my judgment while Hushing my moral code. My grades begin to slip And my body begins to expand while
I’ve been told to give up and I’ve been told I would never succeed And for a long time I would have agreed Because the negativity inside my head would never go away It was putting me down each and every day
  I hear them cry out, they are in great pain They need my help, they call my name
Jobs are an ordinary source of life containing spectacles and life changing oppertunities Jobs are intimate arrousing the state of mind to go straight foaward in a given point of time jobs are appart of us
Some say to teach is to die but I say that's a lie. whose to say children aren't precious? With their creativity in their hands and their imagination in their minds.
I have a heart made of words,  they flow through my veins.  I want to give, 
The sun rains in through the  grimy blinds But all you see is the future, a future you have planned for, Thought of, strived for, fought for, will live for,  Yet something hold you back. You had it all planned out.
The world needs, People to work, To learn and to teach, To help each other, That is what I want to do,   I want to work, I want to learn, I want to teach, I want to help,
6am alarm goes off Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast. Into work by 7 Always the first one in Unlock the office get ready to start the day
Roses are more beautiful on the other side, More full of petals, But dreams only take Me so far. Hard work will take Me farther.   They use to say that I could never be anything,
I was made from love To be loved and to love. I was made to serve Not to serve the ones who have everything under control But the ones who can’t help themselves                      The ones who lost hope
Late night studying  In due time will turn into Late night saving lives
All of a sudden you’re hit You think of an idea with wit Stare at the screen Don’t make a scene But silently say “Yes, that’s it!”   You write and act and edit You upload and then wait a bit
At fifteen years old I jumped in the car. I was sweaty and covered in bruises. My scraped hands and knees had bled over my tired arms and legs but I had never been happier. 
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock   As I press the needle into the skin, I am reminded of what could have been.   Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock  
"Good Morning, Ms. Mai Xee", everyday as the students walk in. Bright little smiles, maybe missing a few teeth.   Sitting in their seats and eager to learn. Pulling out their crayons,
Nurse helping the sick and injured
You listen and you learn and you search and you earn your right to gain what you didn't have before. If understanding your mind is what it takes to be safe and sound  I'll do it. 
Change is badly needed The televisions spread lies Everyday, violence repeated As another innocent victim dies   There is no reason To settle for what we do It seems every change of season
My life Ever changing Never still So Sad Always happy   Why can't it be like before   move on...   Stay Strong...Steady  
  Healing Hands By Keila Buthman Knit one, knit two, purl one, purl two… Knit one, knit two, purl one, purl two… I watch my television show as my fingers
Exhausted Working forty hour weeks At a job you don’t belong Nobody appreciative of your efforts  
Dreams What do they mean? Are they really just the end goal? Or unrealistic fantasies One my dream of fam or fortune And what a wonderful dream that is But I? I dream to make a difference
We dream of it, we think constantly about it, we picture ourselves living it From the moment we were given the idea, until the moment we've reached the point of success
We all have that one goal in life That one job we’ve dreamed about all our lives since we were little Whether it was to become a princess like Cinderella To be the firefighter that saves the day
Who grows up like their parents expect Now-a-days? Divorce when I was three Marriage when I was four Divorce when I was eight. Maybe I didn’t grow up in the slums Bad as it could be
It may be fingers to keyboard or pen to paper,
As a bisexual young woman my voice is often unheard, lost in all the chaos in a
Expanding our knowledge Day after day Questons of the youth arise "why am I here?"  "I swear I heard this last year." Repetion begins and creativitiy fades  "I want to be more than him
The purpose of lifeIs to have purpose in lifeYour purpose is your passionOr maybe passion is your purpose,Either way, it starts and ends withService.Dad told me to find a way
We have been taught to change the world, But mostly the world spins on and continues to change us. I know things can be different for me, They have to be. I refuse to be a part of the same old routine,
She comes to meNot only listening, but living what I speak. She steps up to the plate.She swings.She succeeds. The creditall given to her,but she thanks me.
People look at warzones Like they have just seen Lucifer Descend from the sky Blood Enemies And brutality Scattering amongst each footstep he takes Leaving in a tornado of disaster
Put this on. No No try this. You'll look more presentable they say. I was born in a world to stand out, But no one accepts you unless you fit in. These shoes you try to fit me in just dont fit Me.
It’s lyrical almost The way the lines meld together In perfect synchronization There’s splendor in these works Absolute candid magnificence   There’s precision in these angles
Bringing the past to the future Learning how our ancestors lived  preserving ancient knowledge  for future generations to see A historian is what I would be Completing a timeline of Earth's history
All my life I've been surrounded by competition that I want no part of, but I gotta admit that I dream of a job that's more fulfilling than any other.
My brain is hard wired to fear as it is to everyone. Make a decision, Make a decision, My brain is saying to me. One job change can change one's life.
These hands do all of the hard work in this life
What if I could earn my degree in college? What if I could go to Japan? What if I could get paid to edit manga? Or what if I'm turned down? What if they say nay, what if, what if, WHAT IF?!
Everyone wishes for something,
Everyone wishes for something, like those who dream to sing. And it is my wish to capture the pure moments of rapture, of faces rarely seen.   There are so many in this world,
I know wha
If I could have one job, it would be to show the world how to use their education to turn straw into gold. I would teach children how count on their fingers and their toes. I would tell them why the firefly glows.
Changing my path for the career of my dreams it hasnt been easy, I've stifled many screams Working full time while taking many a course and stressing about the great unknown in full force
Dream job? Dream job? Where are thou?
I like talking to people And seeing their reactions Seeing their faces Imaginaing the places They have been.    I like talking to people And undestanding them Seeing their lives
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
We enter this world ready to learn and grow, Each of us vulnerable to information we do not yet know. While some are blessed with strong bonds and foundations from the start,
Forever sounds good Lose you, I not sure I could They say distance breaks everything But I still love you   I'm through with them There's nothing they can say to push me down
Money growing from a tree everything in the world is free not a worry on my mind and everyone is kind I can be anything I wish to be because in dreams everything is free then my eyelids slowly open
Laying down at 3 am,  In the darkness of the night I feel an irresistable urge To write and write and write.    Something more practical  Is what I had in mind
Your lips open to unfold foolish words, vulgar and distasteful.
Spider, Blood-Sucker no more Webs, infinite connections, brushed away Fields, Lines, in the sky, Bearing down on Highways I need Fields and Lines too These ones though, Cannot Feel them
To inspire, to write, to live my dream as a writer could only begin Fiction, goth, romance, mystery what to choose, what to do To be a writer is to insipre to inspire is to live My dream as a writer 
What if I became a philosopher? Would it change me and open my mind? Will it teach me more than I have learned in high school?   I long to understand the minds of many popular people
One day I’
when the credits roll on the movie screen i'll spot my name "that's me," i'll whisper proudly to the stranger beside me "that's me."
The few kind souls that reside Are those whom are thrown aside Grouped and slaughtered by the masses
  To change my life I must change the world That is not as impossible as it seems   Changing the world is making one person smile It is making one highway cleaner
One job can shift me into a better being helping the blind see or give a nerveless woman feeling
Young girl first dreams of being A stereotypical dream to be a princess Like in those magical not realistic fairytales To sit pretty in a fancy dress, to wait for the elusive Prince Charming
Simplicity, smiles, that's all I ask. I want to help, heal, and hopefully receive all the love I put in the world. A doctor? Lawyer? Nurse? Psychologist? Who knows.
I only want one job in this life, It's the only goal I have set with my mind. To help others in hard times, To save a sad man's wife. I have to be a doctor, with all of my heart.
Study more, try harder They say. What for? A future as bleak as the present. Only work, no play They say. What for? There will be plenty of time for work later on. A good job, a good pay
I stare at my wrists Blood dripping red Trying to drive the demons from my head   Do I jump Do I stand On edge waiting With a blade in my hand   I want to live
I stare at my wrists Blood dripping red Trying to drive the demons from my head   Do I jump Do I stand On edge waiting With a blade in my hand   I want to live
Have you ever felt so wired to do something? Seamless.That's how I feel with Youth Ministry. A Calling so seamless that it's like it was a part of me my whole life, just waiting for me to discover it. My Calling. My life. My minsitry.
How many steps will it take for me to get there?  How many hours in a day, a week, will I waste?  A path full of competitors and deceivers  All trying to get to the same place 
My future was unclearA dream with no nameIt began to draw nearStill now it remainsThough once unseen
  And twenty shaky smiles grow into squeals and squawks of joy
One job is enough to change your life One job to ease the pain, take away the strife. If I could work at one job for the rest of my days It would be in the ocean working with stingrays,
I close my eyes and what do I see? I see myself just looking at me I am full of regret and sadness too on what could have been, had I not listened to you  
motivation is Key if you wish to succeed Wake up pumped to achieve that one job   more than  job its a career that keeps you smiling even when 
To live and to dream to go far and beyond to live the dream is only a fond   The extra mile is all I need to make others smile in their time of need   To change my life
Growing up, we were asked to choose Doctor, Lawyer, and Princess too. There was only one job that I Ever thought could change my life And still be enough.   Reading, writing, critical thinking.
Attending x-ray school, I decided I want to do something new. M.R.I Aint just for guys;
My dream job would be Full of smiles Simple organized files Neatly printed papers about successful living lives. Where in the paper tells How they overcame their spells On how reality was so sad 
I'm not passionate. I'm not frenzied. I am Dedicated. For all those who say they are passioante,      they don't truly know what it means to be dedicated.
It’s not about the fame, It’s not about the money, Well maybe just enough so I don’t go hungry. It’s about making a game, It’s about making a story, Using every subject that’s in my inventory
“Hey Ella! Nice to meet you!  Where are you from, what do you do?” Where is easy.  What is hard. What do I do?   I hold her hand when she says “Ella my stomach hurts” She’s 14, and she’s four months  
Just one job may change my life, Something to satisfy my future wife. What job would it be? Take one step closer, and you will see...   To be an Anesthesiologist would change it all,
One Job. One life to make a difference. One chance to change how people live. One person,
I find it hard to describe my dependency,I sit here in wait for infinity.This server's grown old, and alas it's time to saygoodbye, farewell, see you soon, my friend.Your zeroes and ones have been so strong
It doesn't have to pay                 It is rewarding on its own It doesn't have to be fantastic                 It is just enough to work It doesn't have to make me rich
Last night the phone rang for not the first time, So many innocent children apart of the same crime. Most think that they don’t know, or just won’t understand,
''Bienvenue à Paris" "Welcome to Paris" The three words a girl wants to hear. Longing to walk on the streets of Paris. Dreading the pacing of reality.
All clear!Count to threeI'll pull, you just push for meAnd she will push and there will be painBut she will push some more in her daughter's nameAnd I'll be there to catch that soft cotton candy pink child
The world is divided between haves and have nots Some are blessed with electricity, entertainment ,and energy others blessed with malnurishment, murder , and minimal possesions 
Told no as a child That is TOO much That goal TOO high Who does she think she is? I have heard it all But all i wanted was to prove them wrong When they'd say no I'd say yes
Parents do not work, they love what they do the weight of finding a career on my shoulders. I would hate to disappoint them, so i reach out to business owners wanting to make some money. 
Teaching new students’Telling us about everythingTransforming the world   Enriching our livesEducating our futureExpanding our minds  
As a child who loved to readI grew up with stories all around me.Stories of courage, of adventure,of little girls who weren't afraid to dream. Those stories shaped me into who I am,
I’ve spent the last 13 years trying to discover who I am And what it is I want to spend the rest of my life doing. Each year, it tosses around in my brain like a battering ram.
my future bright with success a path of determination
a job will make you money, but a career is about a dream. jobs will take you far though, and show what your career really means.   a job isn't about the salary or about power or looking good;
I want to be a time traveler.
I want to prepare entrées from the extravagent porc à la poire, to the simple pâtes avec pain à l'ail; to see your expression when you take that that first bite
Dream about the team that will help you make this dream into a reality without a fatality.
A dream is a vision of hope
When you start off young you see yourselfan astronaut among the starsor driving in all the fancy cars. You never know what mess you’ll get in
Life changes in the blink of an eye One day you're here  The next you're there So what if that all changed  What if your dream came true? The dream of owning a store
A dream is far from a physical state, a goal remains beyond our reach for so long. Through creativity and complexity great things come. People live for eachother, weak or strong.
So here it goes, the message in a bottle, the 100 year travel.
My mother asks why I'd want to be an actor. I don't want, I need. Need - Feel - Crave - Must
The profession you choose will change your life But making a decision can cause a great deal of strife   A licensed clinical social worker, is what I want to be Unfortunately, my education won’t come close to free
Fashion has always been a dr
Wide spread effects, Helping the masses. Novel and innovative-- how does she do it? How did someone not  think of this sooner? The interconnected, endless
Adventure is out there I'm deternined to find it, experieve it Whatever I do, whatever may come   I'll make it all an adventure From brushing my teeth To going to class and one day, work  
Words of the mouth are difficult for me I don't take my time I don't think before I speak But words of the fingertips Those are to keep
The sky turns blue from darkness to light, Ushering in a bright new day An overload of information Attempting to cross our ways Every day we struggle to make sense of what we see
Living life  My main job I'm an actress  Playing the part I'm given A part time counsleor  Giving advice or a shoulder to cry on A cook Making myself dinner while avoiding starting a fire
I've always been a dreamer. i've always wanted things that were just too far out of my reach. Yesterday, I wanted to be a singer on Broadway's bright stages. I still do, and I always will.
Looking toward the future is easy Deciding what to do to reach your goals is hard Throughout our lives our parents make our choices  College we reign free   My world spins on its axes 
If I can make one child's life better, i'll have done my job.
Ah, the children! Beautiful, adorable, cheerful From the moment of birth To their late teens. Who could ask for a better job? Helping them stay healthy and being at their side
It's just not about the dates or the facts that follow. Reading thousands of pages. Finding the truths in all the words written hundred year old pieces of parchment. It is about all the lives that were impacted.
The years past way faster than I thought, I am almost an adult and childhood I fought.   Now I search for who I will be, Stiving for my dream job you see.   A nurse who flies way up high,
One Day   Your lost in your own thoughts Trapped in a world of judgement and hate
The trees wave their greetings,Birds chirp to tell a joke,The breeze embraces me closely,And in these things, I see God.Mountains tower and water surges,Flowers peek through the concrete that crushes,
To have any job I desired Would be quite a miracle. Toiling day in, day out  But enjoying it- that is the key. Although I have not always had the most pleasant Experiences at the dentist,
          Add some                                        glitter to that dress It’s as boring as a plum In the light it should flicker Just say yes
Electrical Engineering is my dream job. I'd make the world light up. The electricity, the energy, would pulse through me. My work would be seen from space--without a close-up.
Ever since I was a child, I've been dancing day and night Regardless of injury, no matter the circumstance, Dancing has been my flight. Now, I am older And I see everything in a different way than before
to witness the life. to cross harsh borders and hear the people sing. of pain at death, of joy at birth.   to hear scratchy voices. to breathe in the community  and the inborn harmony.
My entire life I’ve known what I wanted to be A future in medicine fills my heart with glee
She was a worker from Primerica The best company in America Studies her way out to be a doctor By the watchful eye of her brother, the protector
Ever since I was a child Excavating rocks in the backyard I knew I wanted to be like Indiana Jones Like Lara Croft and most of all Like Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy. I wanted to understand the world
I want to design,
Dreams; though they fly vicariously through my mind and soul daily.. Only one resides like residue deep within me.. It quickens me, and beckons me.. Because that need falls heavily.. Oh so, heavenly
There's two people staring back at me, a reflection; a nightmare. The difference between the one in the mirror, the one I want to be, is that, unlike the one in my nightmare,
My dream job would be to own a philanthropic missionary comapny. I would love to be the CEO of a world wide company that builds houses, shares the gospel,  and feeds and clothes the poor.
I strive and strive to reach the top. Never ever thinking to stop. All I hear is “Go harder, Keep pushing!” and “Be number 1!” But what if number 2 is all I got? They claim words don’t hurt,
Writing a song, play, or movie is nothing compred to a well written story. Words on a page mean nothing at all if your heart is not going through it all. A part of me I wil never replace
Just one job could change my life. I am the future. We are the future.
I want to change lives I want to help
I am a young child. I am in school surrounded by peers. I am asked what I want to become. I am starting to dream about careers.   I am a young teen.
English is my thing. I love it. So I think I'll be an English teacher. I think I understand the purpose of English enough to let it pull me in. Literature is about empathy,
There comes a point in every young child’s life When they hear the famous speech “I Had A Dream”   There comes a point in every young child’s life When they want to become an astronaut or a princess  
I dream to be a walking library filled with facts and stories of our past generations. To teach fellow humans
Ideas fly through our heads every day  Big ideas Little ideas It doesn't matter  they're always there I was given the talent to make sense of my own ideas
I want to make a difference To promote life help others go the distance. With professional experience My existence will have significance
This is not my dream job  but i do it to make this world better  no more crying please don't sob i do it for the people  not just for the united states i do it for the world
You’re just a girl.
When there is nothing left of us, the people, what will we have? Most often times we thrive to own materialistic items, things of which do not and will not matter in 10 years from now.
Four years of college Four years of math Four years of science in every science class General speaking which I hate the most But when it comes to English i always take the gold
The one thing that everyone loves, Are the strings of chords that create a buzz. Long gigs create late nights, But I'll keep going with all my might. Excelling each instrument may be hard,
My musical talent never was up to par All the other kids in the class could strum their guitar
It's too bad my  Dedication and Sophistication wouldn't cut it , they say I need the Education  I say make it so that we can get it Time passes by Each hour becomes a year
I want to be inspiring But working is tiring I want to be appreciated I want to feel deviated
Movies have always captured my attention, I will stay up late and watch many. The next day I fall asleep and go to detention. In my confinement time I dream about not being involved with just one movie, but maybe twenty!
We live out our lives in preformance.    Time and effort into this work,  the make-up, 
"I'm here." "I can understand." "Don't worry." "Take my hand."   I want to be the light, to scatter away the dark. The voice of reason, the first hopeful spark.  
to help. all i ever wanted was to help, when i was a child  to be. strong, the one to make my family proud to win. even when it was prideful or greedy, i wanted to succeed.
To fix the wounds of the flesh,  and those of the mind. This is the type of job, that I will try to find.
clickclickclickclick goes the key board as i sip my morning tea. Spiling, gushing ,spewng my deepest trauma and heatache. My therapy, your guilty pleasure. The best job, if you ask me, is that of a writer.
My occupation may not only change my life Is my field of study really worth the price? It can not only affect my life but so many more It can potentially change a circumstance I’ve already endured.
J ust because I want to be a biblical example of a wife & mother doesn't mean I want no
I always loved to help. So when I woke up for work, At four in the morning, And got socks from my sister's room, I wondered why she didn't ask to talk, Before taking 3 bottles of prozac and pills.  
A High School StudentBeing so super fluentWorking on that Notepad ++Typing up some C ++Working hard in a teamMaking Apps in a gleamDebugging and testingLook at this time im wasting
When I ponder over life and death Or contemplate adventure with bated breath I can’t help but be drawn to a quiet nook Where I can pour my heart into a beloved book  
Welcome to Politics.
  Look around at the gleaming eyes. Of the students preparing themselves for the teachers lies. 
An individual that takes pride in their versatility. An athlete that has passion in more than just the sport.  A student that continues to grow.  A person that does not see limits.
People need help More and more everyday As life continues there are more briuses, black eyes, broken bones, and hurt feelings The body is only able to take so much pain But not as much as a woman giving birth 
    After college I’ll have the tools,To be who I want to be.If I were to have one job,It’d include counseling psychology.  
The stress of this workload Is causing me to go insane. It's starting to hurt my brain, Feeling like it's going to burst And cause eternal pain. I start to question At the end of the road,
Follow me,  into the wild, into the jungle of nature.  Come with me,
My dream job is to provide and direct a program that prevents bullying Hurting someone doesn’t bring you joy It brings any bully power that they need
When I first set my eyes on an animal.I KNEW. When I first touched one. I KNEW When I first spoke the words out my mouth. I KNEW. When I first wrote. I KNEW. When the question was asked to me. I knew.
Do I conform and surrender to fear, to society, and contemporary standards And lock my dreams away the wooden box of fantasies?  I've always dreamt of touching fragile souls with a graceful stroke of my bow 
My dream job is rather simply put. I want to become a video game programmer one day. It's not that big a deal to most, but to me, it's the only way. I love computers and I love video games.
Trap in the black, warp in the dark. A world bathed in gray and black, its tearing me apart. My mind is concealed afraid to reveal.  Inside me all, my difference is what I seal.
I was raised a dreamer, therefore I dream I was raised to be myself and so this is me I live with aspirations in hopes that I will be the person I dreamed, as child me. One day. It comes second nature
My teeth are clenchedEyebrows furrowedNoisy cries give way to dry, convulsive sobs.
Rushing into the flame Sprinting in fact Full speed to make sure everything is intact  
The yearning in my heart screams be educated, but I must educate Live but I must teach how to live Obtain but I must teach how to give Never look down but uplift.
School. A word most student's dread,
Words invade the empty space in my mindFlow through my veinsAnd formulate through my pencilThey live deep within meRevealing my emotions
I have a dream career That I am pursuing.
To dream or not to dream, that is the question? I’ve heard the question, what do you do with a broken car that you have spent so much money and time on when it simply just does not work?
One job may change my life. Click. Click. Click. Click. My pen clicks back into its safe plastic shell. I am jealous. How easy it would be to live this life in a shell.
I dream of a life, Where I can help the helpless, I dream of a life, Where I can save the precious, Where a gun in my hand,
I want to Taste the moon See the stars Discover the planets Near and far. To be beyond From what I am now, Is the dream Above my clouds. Hear the seagulls, High and low,
They are mans best friend but sometimes man becomes its worst enemy. They shiver and huddle in the corner of a kennel. Afraid for their lives. They have no clue what they have done to deserve such punishment. Why can man just be gentle?
It is amazing how one thing so small can change your life Something that comes out of no where or slowly develops over time. Just one job could change everything for me 
Music The power of the sung verse The rhythm of a lyric The beat of a drum The thrum of the bass The power of a guitar solo Music The roar of the crowd At a sold out show
As the violent winter wind whips my chapped lips, I can’t help but smile; mouth cracking at the seams at the sight of Pike Street glittering in its unearthly way in the December evening.
  With paper like my holy grail/ Fingers that mean savior/ I write my path/ Words that are footprints padding against even the harshest of hearts/ They can change your mind/
With all the stress in school these days its hard to have fun.
Money isnt important  its not about the work-load its about enjoying life and  inspriring others saving children from themselfves, parents and those pre-teen twelves  because music is my passion
Floating through, Like a dream, Who is there to hear you scream? Alone at last, Peace was found, Let  alone you might have drowned. Body bags tight, Weapons concealed,
Like a bird I'll fly free, I'll stop at a tree, I won't stay too long, I'll have to move on.   In a spring forest I know I should not be, Where beautiful flowers bloom,
You don't have to be a president, CEO or master leader To change the world. To change the world, you only need a small intention, a good heart, and a fierce passion of contribution.
I want to go, simple as that. From forested lands to earthen flats. to sail over seas and soar in skies, I want to know what swims and flies, I want to know what crawls as well,
To dream only of work, is to dream only of death.
As work goes by, and while I try There's one question that they ask: "Tanner, congrats on getting in! Now what's your goal or task?" "Well there's one problem," I say to them, "It's actually quite funny."
A single moment... One simple thing  could be what turns out to redefine me. I may not know when it happens,  So must choose for the wise in all of my choices throughout my life. 
My care for people Will never cease to exist. My sense of patience  Will complete me until the day I die.   Children have my heart, Every one of them. The sweet and innocent,
There once was a man who was bound to the ground,  a man who was tied to the Earth.  But one day he sighed as he looked to the sky and wished he could fly like a bird.
To save people   Dying people Hurt people Sick people   Insane, crazy, demented people but still people people.   My purpose in life  is to help.
They sleep on the dirt while you sleep in a bed They walk miles for dirty water while you take a step for clean hydration They use a hole while you have the pleasure of indoor plumbing
Running Running  Running Blood
My once white skin now a dark tan 10 years old and already working with my hands My mother and father didn’t come from much but we got by with what we had A job Enough to eat and get by on these rags I call clothes
Children should not be so sick so young. As human beings we try so hard to keep them safe. Nothing will stop us from trying to find the cure.
        Ever since I was little, I've always had big dreams. I vowed to accomplish them, no matter how impossible they seemed. Now that i'm older, reality has hit. If I want to be successful, a strong education, I must get.
My one goal in life is to be a writer someone nice and peaceful, not a fitgher. I don't care if I have to write in a cellar just as long as one day, I'm a best seller. People don't even have to know my name,
Dreams were more acceptable 
The ivory keys let out a sorrowful narration as I caress them through another Nocturne.
A woman can't be an astronaut; or so I've been told; Women should watch the house;
Everybody has needs. Everybody shared needs. If you have the heart, You help with those so much different. Isolated from society; The "freaks" "outsiders". The just have special needs!
Everybody has needs. Everybody shared needs. If you have the heart, You help with those so much different. Isolated from society; The "freaks" "outsiders". The just have special needs!
To have that job... To use music for love... To gaze across a sea of faces from the stage above...  To hear responses and stories of thanks, to help people with lyrics that relate...
Social Work, it's true. God's mission on Earth for me, Is to help others.
From a small town in Wyoming there’s very little to do, Except dream up a life much bigger than you.  
    I walk in. Adrenaline, excitement, panic, and love crash into me all at once. I look up. Hundreds of lights, thousands of colors, and endless possibilities hang above me. I look out.
The child wanted to be an artist until she saw one with talent. The child wanted to be a teacher, but her slight lack of patience would destroy her.
Jumping over the obstacle and breaking through, No one is going to tell me what I can and cannot do. I've got my shoes laced up and headphones in, The beat of the music telling me the power comes from within.
To help To believe To do and act as if your strong BeingTogetherMakesUsStronger Feeling  Alone Makes  Us  Weak Bring joy to others lives is a job 
If I could have just one job I would be a damn poet and   I'd juxtapose the public school system and standardized tests
My life is aimless, Or so I thought. A glimpse of a life I want, I caught.  When that goal does come near, I'll leap to become an engineer.   
A dentist I want to be. A dream that I want to meet. Hard journey it is. But is all for me. Is only one job. It going to be known. Ill do my best. To be up there. I want to suceed.
(commence beat boxing, prefiable in the same rhythm of "Like Toy Soldiers" by Emeniem     Yo, I've been coding since I was a little  seed
To be a successful photographer is every artists dream To have your own subjects and a little camera team To make big bucks doing what you love To be able to look up at the sky and thank the lord above
African Skies
One job. One life.   To change. To inspire.   A spoken word.  A musical addition. An artisitc eye.   The definition of what I may become. Advertisement.   
Money cannot buy happinessThough, it does make stability The world today is revolved around moneyI guess I can understand why People with more moneyReap greater benefits
An aspiring pharmacist just wanting to give Wanting to help others in the community in which I live Staggering through obstacles and I just need a lift I can't let this opportunity slip off the cliff
Who? Who? All I see:faceted dreams Sparkling a thousand suns bright.   Years of crinkled paper/littered art/stained fingers Rusty pages after dark-   My first sunrise  
I hit the bed smothered in pillows. My eyes close. My mind is racing. With restless thoughts I try to sleep. I feel my worry slowly slipping. There it is. It’s always there. It guides me further to the other world. 
With my feet buried in the sand, and the ocean waves moving peacefully,  my mind began to drift into deep imagination.  My eyes wide awake, as my subconscious being ignoring the pain from not blinking. 
It seems like everyone decides what carrer to pursue by the amont of money they get.
  A dream job does not have to be a dream, It can be a reality even though it may seem, Impossible, or very hard to obtain, Some might consider me a bit insane, To go to school for hours upon hours,
A job can be the shift, the shift of the stars,
The money is green, but theft is obscene! We stop the theft, before they have left. We put them behind bars, before they steal out parts for cars.
Waking up early Going throgh long classes Talking to many students
I was absolutely sure, my mind was set that I wanted to be an architect yet these mental barriers stand in my way  stress over school, money,  my hope's slipping away a bar of soap that i cannot grasp for a minute
A Poem, A Multitude of letters Hoping to gain the attention of local trend setters  Trying to find were you belong 
Dream to help, Help to make dreams To be before other pushing, Toward their life. I wish to teach and  and make it possible to change the world Change the world by making
The white brick walls with bright blue stretchers, Patients coming in with pipes through their skulls, Sounds like a hardcore, Heavy Metal song, But it's not. It's my dream job! To become an ER doctor,
Lobster,shrimp, champagne  I'm feasting and sipping on this while I'm work on my campaign  wow up 400 votes I'm to sharp in my own lane  while I stay humble, let me go in front of the people and stay strong 
The words of doubt, They tell me I can't, I won't, They say the chances are slim, That I won't get the job, But I won't listen.   My dream is big, My dream is my job,
Since the age of two, I knew what I wanted to do, For I knew I was going to change the planet, I knew I was going to have to nail it,
I don't know how it feelsTo be given an expiration date.I don't know how it feelsTo swallow sixteen different pills each morning.I don't know how it feels
Serving the peopleMaking sure the streets are safeProtecting everyone around youNYPDGrowing up how I did, I got a lot of protection
I want to change the world, but if I can change one life, mine is worth it. I want to be there when the strongest child wants to quit. I am a nurse by trade, but that also implies,
Look I made it move! Those basic shapes Come to life as I improve,   Do they smile or brood? It's all up to me, My pencil sets the mood.   All to see a smile, Or to entertain,
I remember in preschool When they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I remember looking at the teacher with confusion Without a clue of what to say; I thought there was
One day I will be that A chef One day I'll make it Big   One day I'll go to culinay school One day I'll get my degree   All it takes is one One day
Born to a mother with terrible addictions,along side the father who never called.A drunk stepfather who was always angry.These people, I never want to become. 
I'll be forever yours,
a karate man is the job for me, teaching, skillful, it's easy for me, kick, punch, flip and land, show the bad guy whos the man, that's right it's me, a karate man is what i'm to be,
And so it begins,
One job can change my life One job will help me live One job together in the sea One job for all to see One job to study it all One job to answer the marine call One job where I'm at rest
I never think twice to save a brother.
Sitting at my desk, When the bell rings. The students come in, What will today bring?   Good mornings are exchanged, Supplies are taken out. Standing in front of my students,
I remember my first comic book  Watchmen - I was skeptical. Superheroes could't be intellectual. But now i've read it seven times There's always something new to look at
Thousands of us sprout out of editing software and Iphone cameras every year Every Year with aspirations of L.A. back lots and walls lined with Oscars
They’re ungrateful; they got themselves in that position; they’re just being lazy,One man I served at a soup kitchen even said-“you spend too much time helping us; you will become one of us”.
I wish I were many things,  but to be many things I would need to be a writer. A writer creates what they want to see and feel.
I was five and wanted to be a mermaid,
As I sit here and contemplate,I would want to do something I'm passionate about,Such as skate.To be a professional has been my life long dreamSeeing kids riding my pro boards, repping my team.
The silent sea The endless ocean that holds you and me and the rest of life as we know it.   I'd rather not know Not see the countless patterns plotted out
Studying to be a Medical Assistant, I try to be persistent,  As I strive for this position, I am going through this condition. Though this tumor will not stop me, Many people will disagree,
To dream about a job Is what a child always does I've dreamt about many ranging from a Vet to a Doc   For me it seems It's not really a dream job
A lot of adults have told me to get a job,
I dream of becoming a Game Designer World's Greatest Game Creator From top sales to number one billionare From strugglinng to getting my share   My share at creativity Making games for the community
the path i walk is full of dreams and hopes
Rooms filled to the brim A child per five sits grim Sitting patiently, waiting for the day The lights will finally dim   The books you read provide no gray No inspiration, only gym
If I could change one thing-  It'd be your life.  It'd be the hopelessness you feel in the morning.
My dream is to be a chef. Is to design things out of food. Things advanced and ancient. Things spicy and bold.   My dream is to be a chef.
An Actuary Trying to change you and me Possibility
To help people who
Six. Sitting in the living room Staring Powerless My sister, upset Lacking I want to comfort To help her To fix her Twenty two. Waiting at the hospital
I'm alive because of one job One job My future job, may God allow it Music is everywhere Everything And all you've gotta do is embrace it Take it Change it Make it Make it yours
A job that could change my life? Of course it may come with strife, But what is life without struggle? There will definitely be work to juggle.
  Pew Pew, cops and robbers running, shuffling, hiding behind the walls. 
Everyone will argue their favorite sport, whether it’s on a field or on a court. It’s the umpire yelling "Strike three!" or the crowd rumbling when there's a penalty. They all have something in common though,
Years ago I was diagnosed with severe artism, and that's not a misspelling. For as long as I can remember, art and poetry would start my soul welling Up with a compelling desire to pour its confusing contents before my eyes.
Deep in my mind Imagination was born, Constricted in bind My imagination had torn.   The walls that had lied, That constricted my life Are no longer alive.   Now that I'm free
Words on a once blank page Waking up in the middle of the night To jot down an idea or phrase Trying to remember a dream for a story Wanting to live in the world you created
My dream is to design Design under the lights of New York City Fast paced New Yorkers and their fashionable taste alive A busy city girl you say? Maybe even a Gossip Girl? Perhaps so
If I could do anything anything at all. I wish I could be a blacksmith to make armour for the knights so that Crusaders would know me so that kings would value my service
Looks out for others Assisting in times of need Supports wellbeing  
Looks out for others Assisting in times of need Supports wellbeing  
It could happen in a second A second is all it takes One wrong step, a powerful impact And the human body breaks   The doctor will work his magic To try and make you new
According to statistics I never had the chance to make it out of my city. There was no way to break the cycle of poverty. Everyday the days got darker and I started growing up.
So many places to see To visit all tourist shops And experience all the unknowns To see every place imaginable   To be able to meet All the inspiring people To be able to learn
When I was five years old I wanted to be a paleontologist All my friends wanted to be princesses Nobody told them this was unrealistic But my mother had no problem telling me All the bones and all the fossils
A famous actor A player on a football team Most people wish for these But no, not me   I want to teach But I have no use for a classroom A chalkboard Or students  
When I gro
This is the moment I've been working for my entire life. As I perfect my makeup and wrap my hair into a tight bun I look into the mirror and smile.  I am ready. Lacing up my skates, nice and tight. 
Dreams of my future All contain fuzzy pictures of my goal. Perhaps I’ll heal wounds by sewing sutures Or checking vitals and removing cancerous moles. No one category is completely chosen
Walking across the earth to find my place in the world.To find that job we all look forward to when we graduate college.That job is what everyone sees them doing in the future
Beautiful creatures, blend in with snow Not many left, are on their own Bears that are polar, need someone to help Being there for them is what its about Dreams of working to bring new life
Don’t ask me what I want to be I probably won’t answer I have been conditioned to reply A simple “I don’t know”  
Football-a dream? a hobby? a reality? a job? For all-get lost in the mob For me-making my dreams come true so soon, so soon
One life One world Many opportunities to make a difference.    To change the world with just one job could be the easiest thing in the world... if it's already your passion.  
When the tears have dried and the fight is over, And I have survived the pains and struggles. Where or who do I turn to for strength to face the day? I am seeking for the strength to get me threw my lonely nights, 
Five ways to ruin your life,  The first to choose a job you don't like,
Making up a person Creating a fairy or an angel Or a demon, an animal Using only a person and some paints It isn't just to cover up who they are Make-up creates a whole new being
Stop telling children that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up.Do not tell little boys that they could be police men or fire fighters
People think It's for the money, It's for the fame, It's for the TV shows, Concerts, Screaming fans. But that's not it.   Being a musician is worth much more
What is it that inspires me? What is it that I want? What is it that I'm willing to highly regard?   What would be more wonderful than doing such thing? To help some of nature's incredible offspring!
Many strive to teach, judge, or bounce a ball But my dream job beats them all I want to save lives to change my own My passion is to be a doctor, world-renowned   Pain hurts my heart, all i want to is heal
A smile is worth a million words. Yet, you can not see behind hers. Through all the anguish and despair,
Do you ever see kids with disabilities   Looking so happy and content  
One Job May Change My Life    A dream career. So far, but so near. It may sound ridiculous. But imagine Candyland.
To have ailments and injuries Pain, hindrances and surgeries What is one to do?   There must be someone to look for Someone with answers, remedies, and more A certified individual, one of few  
A duty to humankind, to actually be kind, help the vulnerable, give generously without a second thought or worry. To live for others lives to be higher quality. Sure the scrubs aren't fashionable, but man are they comfortable!
From ashes to riches we all desire to riseThe American Dream surely will save us from our demiseBut keep in mind your mind: use your head and handsBecause from dream to action can become your plans.
It will take years of preparation, A total transformation.   Four years of studying, and then four more. I will have the drive, the knowledge for sure.   I will learn all there is to know,
What defin
There is only one way I want to spend the rest of my life, this way would make it alright, I want to roam around a zoo, if you want I can take you, I want to be one day be in Africa 
Waking up in that deeply familiar, August morning cold, The old will be new, but the new will be old. Everything will be different, yet everything will be the same.
I believe some people were just meant to help. Helping people and caring for them when they are sick is what I love doing. My only dream has always been becoming a registered nurse and helping people.
     When I was born I was 3 months premature, and the nurses and the doctors at the Arkansas Children's Hospital saved my life. I'm at the point in my life where I need to decide on a career.
One job. One path. No money. "You will get a job." "There is no money in teaching." "You will be great!" "I would never have the patience to work in Special Education."
One day it sat
I am the wizard. I am the leader of the revolution. I am the reason you are here in this neon lit basement I am 128 BPMs shaking your core melting your mind and molding your soul. I am the DJ. 
Destruction, devestation, anger, lonliness. The words that have come and have yet to come.        Hope, Faith, determination is in sight.
Hip Hop started years ago/some how it last years into the future When I listen to it,it makes my heart grow/it makes my eyes bigger When I listen to it,it makes the butterflies in my stomach go/it makes me see my future
The one job to change my life has little to do with mine:it reaches beyond the veil of mortality Bto transcend the silence applied with death and time,to give the gift of voice during grief and fatality
One job may change my life From getting out of bed early morning To putting on my scrub suit and hearing him say goodbye my wife   One job will change my life Seeing the eyes of a newborn, 
"It would be a waste of a mind" "You're just a girl" "No one would take you seriously"  "You could do bigger things" "You're too small"   My mind; an asset My gender; irrelevant 
they say talk is cheap, but a hardback novel sells at fourteen ninety-five, so words are worth something.   my bookshelves are weighed down with these words,
Though you may see a lonely fish flopping Along a beach that has largely been left, I see an evil that requires stopping
The luxurious life is the typical what we all secretly want but the satisfaction is what I aspire for most. The smiles of clients, the cleansed, refreshed sighs they relieve  they spill their secrets and burdens
  Would anything get done if everyone agreed -
If I could have one job,  And any job it could be, I'd pick the job, That allows me to be me, That allows me to be what Christ sees in me.   I want to be love, I want to be hope,
 People Want to Live the American Dream. To have nice cars and things they never seen.  But is the American Dream real?  People think succes is gonna be easy.   But thats when reality hits. 
To bring happiness is my aim, in the form of newborn babies to families who have waited ever so patiently.To work by delivering children into this world is my dream. 
The field blossomed and grew.  As its spring began anew. Twice it had bloomed and died, But the third time it thrived! No longer a minor player due to missing tools
Shadows I see, self loathing, self harming, suicidal thoughts is all I'll ever be. No one will ever want me, he was right The monster that came into my room to get me every night
These words I'm spilling may not be quite clear, a job is not a career. Let us not strife, but a job cannot change my life.   To see your reflection and see success, must be the best.
You only live once, So follow your heart. Live life, do you Selfishness to impart.   A life lived fully for 80 short years, A wasted life and righfully brought tears.  
A flash of inspiration You see it, and it's gone; Within you forever You never forget.   It could be years Before you know what it means. Then it comes again; Stronger than before.
A once in a lifetime dream, a one in a million chance
I don’t know whether to laugh or scream, This fall I’ll be moving into a dream. Studying just what I want, where I want to be. People say that being a critic is not enough,
My dream job, the job that could change my life, is to be an author. Writing is my passion, and my escape. If I were to achieve my goal and land that job, a whole new world would be opened up to me.
Everywhere we look Somebody has a book. This book is a portal to learning, A thing many of us are earning, Through our everyday lives. Buzzing around like bees in their honey hives On a college campus
I once was A girl caged in lonliness; living nightmare The devil on my back Crawled in my head
If I could have one job what would it be? An Artist, A musician, or make fancy carvings out of wood? I would want a job where I could simply be me. I would love to travel the world, and do what I could.  
I want to be a voice for the voiceless I want to be a defender of justice I want to be the one families can depend on with their departed loved ones I want to be a medical Examiner
The chance was given to me when I first opened my eyes and blinked, when I breathed my first breathe, and cried my first years.   The chance was given to me  when I spoke my first word,
First and foremost I want to get an MBA And subsequently making it into the NBA Basketball’s a passion; to play pro would be a dream But making it to the league is even harder than it seems
Oganized chaos A race agianst time Losing a patient feels like a crime . Parents or children, husbands and wives  Praying that YOU can save their loved ones lives. Saving lives daily, a loss here or there 
we fight chilrdren fight for attention teens fight for recognition  adults fight for establishment   i have faught i have faught for rank i have faught for acknolwdgement 
Dream Job Thats one job For the rest of my life   It's chilling  
I dream about my heavenly fatherI dream about meeting himAnd asking why he had to take my friend
One job? The only job. The only job I thrive for is an art director. 
Living things, All around, In the beginning, There were many that basked underneath a clear sky, But the present holds something different, The sky isn't as blue as it was once before.  
Becoming an actress is a job that would change my life. In a matter of seconds I could go from having one dollar in my pocket to having millions.
In my pocket, there is a jingle, The copper I pinch; Education is my out to change.
Here I have a family. Here we have heart. "But it's just a grocery store." or so they say.   Here I have a chance. Here we have opportunity. "Well don't you want to do something else?"
hands. a body at rest. fire cracks through tiny rivers, but it is divine inspiration; sparks flying  into the cradle of ideas.
When moon touches Earth and stays for awhile, you'll see an eerie sight, a lover and his love-lost are gathering tonight.   Beneath the bonny apple tree where most folks take delight,
I am graduating high school & i don't have a dream job But I am filled with dreams that can take me to the top
Religion is your belief, You're taught,  You're strife,  You're distraught, Your life,  Your thought, Who's right?
Under the microscope is a tiny city. Billions of pieces of DNA. I am analyzing there existence. They are preparing themselves for there next task. To serve as the evidence that will put the bad guy away.
If I could have any job I wanted I would be a pilot so I could get over my fear of heights I would be a food critic so I could eat the best food in the world I would be a celebrity so I could have the star treatment
This path they say I should take.
Fresh lungs take their first breath of air The mother’s joyous cries fills the room with flair Years are constantly passing by quicker than a fox The blonde blue eyed girl feels trapped in a box  
To protect and serve Nothing more selfless than to  die for a stranger    
I pushed it away for way too long; the need to help others,  because how can I help someone else if I'm going through the same thing?   I've been in that place.
Who am I you may ask Well I am the Boogeyman
How did I decide what I wanted to be when I grew up?  That was hard. It started with the nonesense like an astraunaut, a circus clown.
If there was "one job that may change my life" what would it be? let us see what I could be.
Life always so mysterious Time leaves me so delirious. And the truth is as I type, there is just too much left to write I am filled with so much fright, at the thought of life not done right
What do you dream of doing for your job, What do you wish you could do, No matter what the circumstances are.  
She was 6 and still couldnt speak She was 8 and still couldnt utter Any words, any phrases She was me All confidece gone   It hit me not long To change the lives The inscure minds
I sing for fun But thats not enough In my future I see myself singing In everyone's ears, my voice is ringing It's loud and clear,making The competition chilled with fear
Heart beats rapidly, This is my chance to prove myself. My chance to help people, To put away those that have cause calamity. My chance to help send the wicked to their cell,
The struggles of life vary person to person. "I can't pay rent" to "I hate my extravagant life": Those inevitable thoughts. "If you hate it so much, change it," They said.
"What will you be when you grow up? ""I don't know, maybe I will write a book."She smiles and I can hear laughter in her voice as she answers,"Ok sweetheart. Now, it't time for a nap."
I loved deeply once, and only till this daydo I realize that my heart will never be the sameI trusted her with my lifeand she took it all awayhow dare I ever love,because love.... love always fades.
Being the youngest student in my grade, always felt weird. By the age of 15 years old I was a Junior in High School. I  was very mature and ready to be independent. Looking for my first job was very stressful.
A job is not something you do just for money. A job is fufilling and sweet like honey. A job should be something you enjoy and love. A job should be something that makes you rise above.  
To stand out in front Guiding and shaping their minds One step at a time
The sky's painted a contrasting shade of blues and purples Even red sneaks in for sunrises and sunsets Yellow brightens  Green isn't included Should it be? People are contrasting shades
I always wanted to hear about how your days were drawn near, from the time you wake up in the morning, from the time you rest at night. The mind is a wondering device, how I long to know the answer to your every thought. Let me help. Let me see.
A scared little girl picked up a tattered old text She fell in love with the tiny black characters on the cream colored pages She found herself in every page and then on to the next
One, two, three...say cheese creator of jubilance factory of smiles
Beep. Click. Snap. Say Cheese! Upload. Photoshop. Scrap. Let's Shoot Again.   You love the sound of it- photographer. The way it rolls off your tongue. The way you answer people when they ask,
the sun sining on my face hot breakfast in the morning laughing with a friend looking up at the stars find happiness in small things the small things are actully the big things
Just one job could save my life. My mom, she doesnt have a job, Sure, she's a good housewife, but she doesn't get paid, she would never make it on her own. My dad, yeah, he's got a job,
My dream job is serving in the U.S Military to preserve the freedoms that we so easily take for granted in this great country.
I watched my first episode of CSI when I was four years old Since then I’ve wanted to fill their shoes; since then I have been sold.   The Forensic Science and Law program at Duquesne, has exactly what I need
To tell a simple is something that could come so easily. You hear the words and they flow and paint a picture in your mind. As the words dance in your brain, you can come up with so many unique ideas as to how to story looks.
Bright lights shining in my face A face that is not disgraced A face looking into the face of the camera That will lead me to a new fate No politics or sob stories Sports and only sports all day every day
discipline enlighten illustrate
A photographer can capture a million thoughts in a single slow shutter shot
The dream I seek is within my reach, You see, my goal is to teach. I will not be one to introduce strenuous science or complicated math, Rather, I will take the English path. Hawthorne, Dickens, and Salinger
I just want people to be happy. Don't worry about me. Perhaps this midset is the reason why I have low self-esteem. But it's time to start thinking about myself, the future is near.
A little hand reaching out for mine, the first feeling that comes to mind, sadness then joy.   I am hoping the years in health class and religious studies has prepared me for such strife,
My mind belongs to movies. Being behind the camera is where I want to be for all blockbuster movies. Dreaming of filming in Hollywood.
Teach for the Future
Friend is a six letter word just like your six letter name.
"Hello Ms. Perkins" "Why, hello, Tom" "Hey, can you determine--" "Sorry I'm on the run" "To where, are you going?" "Somewhere to help someone" "Is it China for exploring?"
Photos seen world wide Having fun near dugouts, sidelines, bleachers Outdoors, indoors, rain or shine Taking snapshots that look so sick Our cameras focused on that one 
Dream. This is all about me?Yeess! Can you not seethat I have been waiting, waitingfor the job that tells me I can sing.  
Papery skeletons of age-old trees moldering in bindings wrinkled well,
Papery skeletons of age-old trees moldering in bindings wrinkled well,
Just one job
just keep swimming just keep swimming  swimming swimming swimming marlin and dory two idealized fish from the sea from one of the most popular animated films this world has ever seen
           A Dream job would be have my voice heard by many and inspire all        
The giggles of young girls, Bouncing in seats, hair all in curls,
To see a child smile, To witness knowledge gained, To know that all the while, I will never be ashamed, To call these children my students, Their minds an endless place,
Words are the ammunition for the wars we encounter in our lives. But what happens when someone has no voice, no way of standing up for themself?
3 months of my life I don't remember   Nuerons dying Brain bruised   When I woke up from the sudden sleep I had no answers   The Doctors who have dedicated their entire
Dreams, big or small let it wander beyond expectations and conquer upcoming fears. My dreams, please grant me with one simple wish: make me a teacher,
To know that someone who used to love you with all their heart and all their being and now they don't. To know that you were once pretty much their whole world and to know now you're not.
one job to get where I want to be have no worries, I can be free one job will get you out of debt noone will make any threat  one job to see someones face brighten
One job can change your entire life. We all have a "dream job", or maybe just something we want to do without geting paid.
Walking down the street Suddenly life changed I thought to myself “I gotta stop being so disengaged, It’s time to take control of my own life, Be the man I want and end my strife”  
You see, since I was little it was my dream. To you silly is what it may seem. To take a child and make them beam, While I teach them how to dream.   I'd finish college and in a school teach.
Lying here on the bed sorting through offers from the world, I imagine what life will be in the future.
Look Look at her mouth At the thoughts that once filled that mind The after math of a death too early After all someone has to be the one to examine the bodies All I want I need 
Maybe it’s just me But what I want to be Is something quite unheard of I would like to be a cat There’s not much better than that But that isn’t the part that’s strange
I've watched countless EDM (electric dance music) festivals on YouTube and each time, I feel my adrenaline uncontrollably pumping.  I feel like an excited child waiting for the ice cream truck to make it up the street.
Sick. Sick was what I always was.  What I felt. What I was labeled as. My indentity. So my body was sick? Sick wasn't my state of mind. My mind was never more alive. Alive with passion.
It seems to always be just out of reach This dream that I've always had One that is attached to my brain like a leech Not just some new fad I want to be able to make a difference In someone else's life
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