Smoke and Mirrors

Sun, 04/06/2014 - 18:37 -- alyren

There is always that one question

the unanswerable one

and not because it’s difficult by any mean, but because maybe there are too many answers

It’s slightly different for everyone:

Where are you going to college?

What is your dream job?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Yes. We all have too many possibilities

too  many answers to where our life will be led

but there’s a problem..

We all don’t have the utilities to create the path, or for some, it’s just harder than it is for others.

What machinery can your money buy?

A nice bulldozer? That money will pave a nice smooth path to lead to fortune--hopefully,

or to endure the rocky dirt road with nothing but two feet because money isn’t laying that foundation.

The system is structured so only the educated, intelligent, best of the best can succeed.

Survival of the fittest -indefinitely- has been geared towards how much money is in your pocket.

We no longer define success by the content of one’s character --or how happy they are, no.

but by digits……

My dream job has been shaped, molded, and fit to societies liking.

It has been transformed for me and placed as my goal.

But what is my dream job? -to give my life to those in need, to travel the world assisting the less fortunate, to show the aspiring, the hopeful, the optimistic, that the world is an awe-full place… awful?

At least I have supporting walls: friends, family, loved ones

so one day I can put a roof over my head.

Not everyone is as well off though-

So what will I become when I grow up?

I don’t want to become anyone or anything but me. But that isn’t my choice, I guess.

There are strings attached--

I’m a puppet to the world in this chaotic, beautiful, structured game of life.


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