The Strength to Face the Day


When the tears have dried and the fight is over,

And I have survived the pains and struggles.

Where or who do I turn to for strength to face the day?

I am seeking for the strength to get me threw my lonely nights, 

Pick me up when I'm down. To make it though, This strength comes from deep within.

With this I have no reason to hide, to shy my face or be ashamed of what I am.

This strength that I have will be with me day or night, rain or shine.

So now when those gloomy days come,

When my heart is filled with dread and sorrow.

I place my hope in tomorrow, but what shall i bring?

I will bring my strength, to stand tall, 

I may stumble,but never fall.

With my strength words cannot bring me down,

Harsh things will not phase me, or break my joy.

You may think I'm small and weak, or dumb and meek.

But you see my strength fights threw all those things. 

Therefore I shall bring it where ever I go, and with this I will always know.




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