It's more than a "Job"

A job that can transform me is not a job at all. A job is what people have to get by. I don't want to just get by, feel all high and mighty when really it's so hard I'm ready to die. No, I don't have a dream job. I have a dream though. To be someone who owns a place people could always go. I've been training all my life, through all my struggle and strife. People act so hype but when they're facing the knife of reality and they're starting to feel ragity they will look back at me and say "man, I wish I had what she-." Wait. Don't be like me. I had to fight for all I want. I continue to fight for what I want. I won't get there with all these people on my back, holding me back. I need people who will push me and tell me I'm worth it and not sit back and not care what I do because I'm "worthless." That's another thing, I want to do something that reminds her what she's going to be or tell him that it's meant to be because that's what they believe and the rest is history. Now, I say I'm pretty good at this but society says I need my Doctorates so it looks like I'm ahead with all the classes but it's... Hard. So what I really need is to focus. Prioritize and get on with it because if I want to be a counseling psychologist I can never, ever call it quits. 


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