When I Was Four...


I watched my first episode of CSI when I was four years old

Since then I’ve wanted to fill their shoes; since then I have been sold.


The Forensic Science and Law program at Duquesne, has exactly what I need

In five years I’d have my Master’s degree and into my job I could proceed.

Five years of intensive course load, five years dedicated to my studies

I will be stuck on campus doing work and no going out with buddies.


Being close to downtown Pittsburgh, I can help the community

Duquesne is a blessing, a gift from above, I can’t miss the opportunity.


However, it’s a private college; the price is extremely high,

Cost is a huge issue; I might have to kiss my dream good-bye.


A forensic scientist is who I want to be; in a lab I’ll spend my time

There’s nothing I would rather do than detective work and solving crime.


I dream of looking in a microscope, observing fingerprints and evidence

I’m willing to do almost anything for it; because to me that makes sense.


Since the night I saw on television; the good guys put the bad ones away

My dream has remained the same; and I’m sure it is here to stay.


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