Following the Dream

The dream I seek is within my reach,

You see, my goal is to teach.

I will not be one to introduce strenuous science or complicated math,

Rather, I will take the English path.

Hawthorne, Dickens, and Salinger

I will be the students' challenger.

My ultimate goal is to inspire,

But in order to do that I must go higher.

Higher in my education and learning ability,

At a University that gives me a possibility.

My college aids me in developing the person I am meant to be,

And I am fully focused on getting my degree.

My professors all encourage me to do my best in eveything I do,

I am determined to pull through.

My family strongly supports my decision,

And they clearly see what I envision.

One, two, three, four.

All their kids go out the door.

Two in college starting their expedition,

Two in high school still in transition.

For my family, education is a struggle to attain,

But my parents have made it their own pain.

Any monetary aid would be sincerely esteemed,

Because one day it will be redeemed.

I know that my future is bright,

And I know that what I want to do is right.

I will do everything I can to achieve my dream

And I know some day I will join the team.

The team of people who teach what they love

And always try to go above.

Above and beyond the call of duty,

To help others see the inner beauty.

The beauty that lies within the pages,

And has survived the many ages.

With my strong support system and willingness to learn,

I know that one day it will finally be my turn. 










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