My dream job is serving in the U.S Military to preserve the freedoms that we so easily take for granted in this great country. Although starting out with a high school diploma or a undergraduate degree in college; an American soldier is trained, educated and equipped better than any other soldier in the world.
A sister on my left, 
a brother on my right, 
everyone in the ranks prepared for the good fight,
although its been a grueling war,
the end is finally in sight,
It's been a long journey of physical and educational training to get here, 
we had to leave family and friends in the rear, 
but none of us could think of a better career,
we think of the soldiers that sacrificed their lives... with a tear,
and their loved ones so afflicted,
but we remember that our families at home are protected,
our heroism shouldn't be projected,
but sometimes our duty should be respected,


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