A Writer's Job

One job.

To inspire those around me.

Through the power of the written word.

Stories of my own design,

Of great adventures and new worlds,

All packaged together with morals and lessons.

The power of a writer


There is only one way to become a writer;

Letting your thoughts bleed out on a paper or screen

Finding seclusion and content with the ideas dancing your head.


There are other important things a writer must know

The writer must learn through the classroom how to craft words

How to turn meaningless letters into beautiful prose that speak more than any picture

How to describe things and show when its easier to tell

How to revise and perfect.

And they must learn from life.

Learn how to feel the wind during a sunset.

Learn what a rainy day feels like.

Learn to survive the mundane struggles and the things we cannot control.

Learn to love, to forgive, to forget and carry on.

Learn how the human mind works, and what it wants.

Most importantly, a writer must learn to live.


A writer needs support.

Through family and friends

through other artists armed with helpful criticism.

But writers are solitary creatures by nature

And more than anything, a writer needs to support herself.

And believe in what they write.


Writers will hear it all the time.

“You’re not good enough”

“You won’t be able to support yourself”

“The job is worthless”

But a writer must struggle on

Because a writer believes in her work, and, therefore, in herself.


Writer’s have the power

To create something out of nothing.

To entice and teach their audiences

They can speak of peace, or defend war.

They can instill feelings of ecstasy, or those of sorrow

They can inspire the world, and change it.

One job, may change the world.

One job, may change my life.


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