A Dream to Grow and a Dream to Change

I sat in class a brain ahead of me

It was dissection day and time to play

The teacher handed me the master key

I cut around matter that is grey

And discovered my new fascination

To be put ahead as my life’s passion

Neurology my fascination

My dream job’s inspiration


The paper read “Internship” across the top

An exciting chance to build on my dream

I read it to see which classes need be swapped

I find a Pediatrician who is supreme

That is not my dream, but I can’t find another

I arrive on day one and find a surprise

I love it, and then my heart wonders

Can I do both, can my dream grow in size, Yes!

Neurology the passion of my dream

Pediatrics the inspiration of my dream


Now I must embark on a grand journey

A long path leading to my dream Job of

Pediatric Neurology

 Through years of education, internships, love

And challenges I will achieve my goal

To change the world one child at a time


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