Falling on my Back

I don’t know whether to laugh or scream,

This fall I’ll be moving into a dream.

Studying just what I want, where I want to be.

People say that being a critic is not enough,

But why should I limit my dream due to someone’s

Else’s bad luck?


I’m going to be in one of the biggest cities in the nation,

A place where the sights are just as big as the relations,

Connections, networking that’ll help me make my dream real.

Writing, analyzing, and sighing may occupy my nights,

But at least I am where I belong, a place that is whole and right.


Surrounded by art every day seems like the perfect idea to me.

Museums could surround me just as much as making me free.

“Art critic” makes people scoff,

But at least I’ll be better off, writing and falling in love, over and over…


This fall I’ll be finding my purpose,

Studying things that’ll fine tune my skills to think and interpret.

Things that people can only dream of doing,

But this is it, here I am.


I have a strange feeling of falling on my back,

Like the world has turned vertical, my body becoming slack.

This means big changes are coming, sooner than I think,

I’ll just smoothly lay down and sink.


- Juan Corredor 


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