Dreams of the Lost Man


Connect the streams of dreams of the lost man


Where an ocean of passion for art lies


In the brain of his youth, while gaming.


Feel the crushing waves of the obstacles


That lie ahead


In diverse opinions of many people


As well as different products of all shapes and sizes


But obliterate doubtfulness within them




Begin anew.


Flow in the direction of college


As it readies you for what’s to come.


Caress the path of education toward the digital world


As it carries you


Like calm waters






But surely.


Taste the bitterness of the waters of victory


For it shall be as sweet as candy in the end


And enjoy happiness


While it has embedded itself in your endeavors.


Rise against all odds.


Be unique.


And conquer the game of design


For the future is there.


Will you grasp it?


Or be swallowed by the streams of dreams of the lost man?



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