Imagine waking up one day and finally discover a cure for cancer.
Imagine finding a new cure for anything.
Hearing people scream your name in chants or seeing tears of pure hope.
Children finally able to live their youth.
This would be no easy task of course,
Years upon years of college, pure book knowledge. 
This is an exhausting process of pure knowledge
Ideas filling up with ideas,  paper filled with mistakes.
Dicovering is no easy task.
Step one is not an easy one, as we must find the basics.
Layers upon layers of knowledge and frustrations.
You can't give in or give out this must be continued out.
Finding a cure for cancer isn't easy,
It will never be easy.
Trial and error, frustration and anger, tears and fear
Everything is coming clear. 
What's easy? Nothing comes easy.
One day, you'll find it, you'll find it rough.
but one day, you'll find it  the cure for cancer. 
Being a scientist would change my life.
Being a hero of thousands or maybe millions of cancer, everyone will cry.
The crowd will scream with joy and hope, everything everyone needs.
This pleases me, as being a scientist is my dream career,
And that scientist will be me.


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