Don't Ask Me What I Want To Be

Don’t ask me what I want to be

I probably won’t answer

I have been conditioned to reply

A simple “I don’t know”


Once upon a time I’d have a smile for you

A colossal one at that

My answer was true

Immediate and sincere


But now it is not that clear


Initially I did not notice

Their faces when they heard my response

But my blindfold eventually fell

I saw the light from what once was night


I told them “I want to act!”

As acting is my passion

But the constant response

Was unnerving


They’d laugh, scoff, smirk, or sigh

I’d tell myself what they think does not matter

But it does

It does matter


I tried to keep myself objective

I knew they did not understand

But it’s easier to say nothing

Then to defend your future plans


So for now I’ll keep silent

One day I’ll show them they were wrong

I’ll stand alone upon the stage

And prove that’s where I belong


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