Dreaming of a Dream Job


Young girl first dreams of being

A stereotypical dream to be a princess

Like in those magical not realistic fairytales

To sit pretty in a fancy dress, to wait for the elusive Prince Charming

And to eat all the sweets her royal appetite could desire

Yet this dream soon shattered like a Magic Mirror

Unearthed years later was the dream to become an archaeologist

Like the famous Indiana Jones

Always on a whirlwind adventure chasing after long lost treasures

But it faded with time and sunk into deep recesses

Never to be uncovered again

Fleeting dreams to be a dermatologist turned to be skin deep

A pharmacist, briefly considered at grandmother’s incessant urging

Jewelry designer but was a short burned passion that

Beaded over and strung along due to lack of art skills

One job stands out fairer than all the rest

A teacher to teach students

Like a princess reigning over a kingdom of not so willing subjects

Helping then unearth their unrealized intelligence

To have them learn lifelong lessons- like don’t judge

A person by their skin color, don’t ever stop dreaming, and don’t let rage blind

To prescribe books that would further their quest in knowledge

To foster creativity with artsy projects

What other job but a teacher could tie in all dreams into one?

It’s the dream dream job

That the young girl did not realize when she first dreamed of

A dream job


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