One Job May Change My Life

"Good Morning, Ms. Mai Xee",

everyday as the students walk in.

Bright little smiles,

maybe missing a few teeth.


Sitting in their seats and eager to learn.

Pulling out their crayons,

scribbling in and out of the borders.

How precious these kids are,

only in elementary.


I as their teacher show love and care,

for these young children have an adventure to share.

Full of spirit, curiosity, and laughter,

they are ready to learn and grow.


I will teach them math and science,

don't forget the writing!

Then we sing to celebrate

and read a cute little story.


Cherishing each day,

the school year goes by quicker.

Summer vacation is near,

the kids bloom with no fear!


When the time approaches,

I must let the students go.

For they have grown older,

ready to level up.


It is bittersweet;

nonetheless I am filled with pride.

"I am a proud teacher!",

I get to decide.







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