Her Treasure


The sway of her hips

Her succulent lips

She holds a special treasure

One that provides pleasure

She doesn’t understand the sacred power

She doesn’t understand her delicate flower

Once you pluck the petals, the never regrow

Mama says: One its gone, you’ll never get it back you know..

But he’s in your ear

Whispering all the sweet nothings you want to hear

“I love you; won’t you let me show it dear?”

Mama cries : It’s All Lies! It’s Just a Line!

Chile, they said the same words during my time

Nothing but a smooth razor sharp tongue

He’s just trying to get him some..

And he’s one of many;

A wolf in a pack

Once you’ve grown curves and a back

Hungrily licking their lips

Waiting to attack

Predators ready to devour their prey

Roaming your breast, thighs and hips

Everybody’s doing it..

The immense pressure

Dear baby, hold on to your treasure

Keep grasp of your innocence

Use your common sense

His words may be slick but so is his venom

Deflowering your rose, then becoming phantom

Baby you're worth more than silver and gold

Cherish the special prize you behold



This poem is dedicated to the beautiful young women who have been miselead. You're foreign treasure.

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