Is there anything as beautiful as the written word?

If there is

I’ve yet to see it

Words can create pictures in your head

They can take you to places you’ve never been before

Words are everything and everyone

And I fail to see how there can be anything more beautiful than everything

Everything that ever was

Everything that ever will be

Or might be

Words are raw beauty.


But to be the author of such words?

The creator and destructor of worlds?

A god in your own right?


Words are not only beauty

They are power.


The power to heal yourself

The power to change your fate

But more so too...

Why heal just yourself

When others also suffer?

Why change just your fate

If another needs help also?

To provide change in the world is power

But it is beautiful

And to wield the power of words

So as to create a world better than the one you live in now


That is beautiful.


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