The Healer


United States
41° 23' 18.4704" N, 81° 39' 29.8764" W
United States
41° 23' 18.4704" N, 81° 39' 29.8764" W

What disease has plagued us

causing generous people to become so treacherous?

Is it poverty, obesity, or something with the heart

that has caused a body of humans to aggressively depart?

Or is it the bond of trust that has been broken

due to a fusion of words that have remained unspoken?

Whatever it may be

Life has let me see

that once I quit, I won't be rehired

therefore I must live to inspire before my chance has expired

to major in biology and become a doctor

for my actions will be worth more than the dollar

transmuting drastic pain into permanent pleasure

helping many to perceive each breath as a treasure;

yes, it will be difficult,

as no success comes without tumult-

analyzing information and categorizing data

finally applying my mu alpha theta,

passing the MCAT will be no easy task-

but it will reignite the hope of many to fight back

diseases dealing with the heart or the brain

for sunshine surely appears after rain;

I have the support I need from my family and friends

I just need to fuel my future with dedication until the end.





Maliha Dhanani

Life is a dream, live it.

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