Growing up I never noticed


Growing up I never noticed that I was different. 

That my skin color didn't match my parents.

Adopted. I knew I was but then it was just a word. 

I never thought the word itself would define me.

Going through school i believed hate was simple teasing.

A black girl being called a white girl was normal.

Everyone has a black child. 

Every Black family has a white child. Right?

Racism. I never noticed. 

Mommy whats a “Nigger”? 

Someone who is ignorant was the response i received.

Mommy am I ignorant? 

No baby you're not she said sadly.

Off I ran to laugh, play and live another day. 

The word adopted began to mean something to me. 

Did I know who I was? 

I asked for the background - the information was given up willingly. 

Connection began to form and I knew my calling in life.

Children of all ages, even the stubborn teenagers. 

To wake up knowing I am positively impacting someones life 

saved a baby,

gave hope to a parent,

convinced a teen to do better.

Saved Someone..

Mentoring at-risk children 

Families could barely afford eighteen dollars a week for summer camp.

The Children full of life, 

The parent fighting and staying strong as to not disrupt their happiness.


A mentor, A counselor, A friend is how i see myself working.

A Social Worker- Giving back to the Community.

The bad parts will be there but the happy parts are my dream.





Thankyou. :)

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