ESPN Color Commentator

ESPN Color Commentator 

You change the channel to ESPN, ESPN2 or get on your computer and turn to ESPN3

but when there is a game being played, you hear a friendly, welcoming voice 

helping to narrate the game to the viewing audience. This is my dream job. 

I grew up watching the likes of Al Michaels and Brent Musburger, Gus Johnson and Keith Jackson

commentating the college football games that I would watch on Saturdays. These men were well 

spoken, charismatic and poised which has drawn my attention to the broadcasting field. I am going 

to attend a college with a strong Communincations major and a focus in Sports Journalism so that I

can focus my attention on sports and the broadcasting of sports. I would love to have this job, as I 

also share thes characteristics of charisma, poise and being well spoken. The only obstacle in my 

way is that I must first pay for college and gain the experience needed to be hired by ESPN. I already

have the tremendous support of my family and friends to help me continue on through any adversity

that comes my way. This is why being an ESPN Color Commentator is my dream job. 



This poem was great and it certainly said a lot about who you want to be and your dreams, and of course how they started. Remember there is always a way through everything no matter what happens. You can do it. I hope that you continue to write poetry, and I look forward to reading more of your work, is there any specific one you would suggest? 


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