litany to being nearly 20


United States


At least, be pathological.

Amateur patron saints owing the tardy hour.

Your face is photosynthesis, tattoo residue,  a touch up. For now.

Economics is defined as the study of choices.

Street cred triple threat ugly ducking syndrome tokenism gentrified

How intersectionality happens

Every now and then we supplement the rogue with what went wrong.

I am committed to being frantic and to lack commercial appeal.

Blasphemy poached and served candid.

Suffrage is a vote in debt to itself, never too talented.

Be Impulsive to riddles, buy one get 1 generation.

Groupon ordained bigots.

Quarantine me from gun violence.

It’s their plague not ours.

Be barbaric with sequins and keen to outside opinion.

Be whatever gets you there.

Be square.

Be post colonial and effeminate.

A fourth wall falling into first person omniscience.

Liminal, be unfamiliar.

A frame in focus, fathom false idols for friends.

Be a person and a color,  POW.

Be polite about PTSD, enter voids, begin by Netflixing DMT.

Panoramic paranoia pseudo sci fi non verbal cues.

Follow no followers, well spoken or polite they’re still following.

Panhandle tomorrow part time starts today.

Do not be an end to any means.

Facts skewed acceptance starved.

Be a bullet and ricochet.





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