One Job Will Change My Life

Life is about finding your true purpose and being yourself. One should always remain the same, genuine person that they were when they discovered who they were. Your job, your purpose should reflect who you are and what you truly love to do. One job, one purpose can truly change your perspective, you outlook on life. My purpose in life is to inspire. I love to inspire those who dream big, and who don't let the little things in life hold them down and define them. I want to create art that inspires other to be the best version fo themselves, and show the endless opportunities and possibilities that life possesses. Film; an artistic representation of the vision that one possesses. Film is simply your imagination gone wild, your imagination in reality. Becoming a filmmaking would not only enable me to inspire others to be their best selves, but I would be able to grow and become the best I can be. I would leave my mark on the world, and leave a legacy for those who need to be inspired.


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