To Be

To be

Or not to be

Lines so cliched

Their meaning is frayed

A pretender at work

An actor is made


See, I always wanted to be more

Than a salesperson

Going door to door

Yes I do solemnly confess

That I never wanted

To work at a desk


And then I found acting

And its complex craft

I never knew how impacting

It was

This attracting hobby had the

Power to be so distracting

I soon fell in love with

Not only acting

But reacting



Things that others couldn’t

My dream job

To fake what people in society

Normally wouldn’t


It’s so stereotypical

This dream job of fables

They say “You’re an actor?”

And then “Have fun waiting tables”

See everyone leaves out this key factor:



My obstacle that glooms before me

Is the condemning wall

That stretches as far as the eye can see

To be or not to be

To overcome

Or to sucumb

To this judgmental sea


This train of thought

That has always taught

Children to choose the safest path

Is like a gunshot

In the minds of the creative

It is that very way, that children are

Brought up

That is my obstacle


“Don’t be an actor”

“You won’t make money”

But I’ll do what I love

And that’s as sweet as honey

Isn’t that funny?


To be

Or not to be?

Hm, that’s a tough choice

But I'll choose the one

That gives who I am

A voice.


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